Board :Dreams
Author :Pixy
Subject :Re: Mornelithe
Date :7/7

  After reading your post (#1150) it is my assumption that
  your intention is to fix a longstanding annoyance caused
  by the "hold shift to scroll" feature of the chat box.
  As you are no doubt aware, whenever a new message is to
  appear in the chat box, it automatically forces the chat
  box to scroll to the bottom. This can be very annoying if
  you're trying to read messages you missed, take several
  screenshots of earlier messages, or other things of this

  While holding down shift and using the up/down arrow keys
  to scroll the chat box, new messages do not cause the
  chat box to scroll down. This is because while holding
  shift, new messages are prevented from ever appearing in
  the chat box!

  If this is not what you mean when you say "the current
   functionality is broken" please correct me.

  As noted by Astrael, I think this behavior is sometimes
  (though not always) sticky which causes new messages to
  be ignored even when you're no longer holding down the
  shift key.

  To display the messages you've missed, you can resize
  the chat box (simply clicking on box with the arrows
  is enough) or I believe if your character speaks it
  will clear the sticky state of the shift modifier (if
  any) and display any missed messages.

  Anyways, it seems like you're proposing (in my opinion)
  a rather radical change to address this annoyance.
  I strongly believe that causing characters to move
  immediately when you press an arrow would not be a
  change for the better. Because movement is such a core
  mechanic, I would hope that any change to how we move
  would involve careful consideration of the following:

      - Elixirs Wars
     - Carnages/Bloodlusts
     - Fox Hunts
     - Hunting

  If anything, I would counterpropose the following

     1. If shift is pressed, do not hide/drop messages
        from the chat box.
     2. If the chat box is scrolled up at all, either
        via the mouse or shift+up/down, do not snap it
        back to the bottom when new messages arrive.

   Change #1 would save us all from a lot of confusion
   when messages are missed because we happened to be
   pressing shift at the wrong time.

   Change #2 would make it much easier to scroll up and
   read messages we've missed, take screenshots of our
   conversations, etc.

   And, if a change to movement is considered... I think
   having a toggle to disable it would be a great idea.