Board :Dreams
Author :SamChris
Subject :Re: Morne
Date :9/6
I fully agree! A couple times, I waited up late on my other char just to go to a carnage just to have it open 20 minutes late and lose or have it not be as fun because some got impatient and had other things to do.

Don't punish the carnage hosts, as they do have other priorities (primogens, clans, subpaths, not to mention real life.) Let's face it. We are all adults playing this game. mid 20s to mid 30s, either still playing from when were in our teens or just returning after years away. We all have much different lives now than we did back then. That being said, it goes both ways. The host does have other priorities. So do I. I need to get my wins to be prepped for Sam san, but I also need to go to work. If a carny is 15-20 mins late or more, that shrinks my available time. I can only make it to one or two sets of events a week, just to have it be late and lose.

I also had a dream to add here though. We have scheduled auto dye 1 round events. Why can't these be set up as automated and have the regularly scheduled 2/3 round events be hosted? That way, we can still count on the 1 round one-off carnys to happen without fail. Maybe could even add another random one somewhere in the middle of the night (5 or 6am est? That's a deadzone for PK events and there's still a healthy amount of people around then.)