Board :Dreams
Author :Shawnee
Subject :Gylfason/ Vendors
Date :7/17
I agree it would be great if we could have vendors. If we can't have an actual auction house, the next best thing would be vendors that act as NPC shops for our wares. I seem to remember that there was something similar in Baram?

One way this could work here would be to create a reasonably priced coupon/ticket item (kruna purchase), and then to update the markets to include vendor stalls along the outer edges.
One could rent one of these spots as long as they had the kruna coupon in their inventory, and it would summon the vendor which allows the player to deposit items and name a price for each.

Alternatively, vendors could take a commission for the purchase. So there could really be two versions of the vendor summon: One which results in kruna sales for KRU, and another which takes gold out of the game. Both of which are good things to have.

I would love it if we could just have them out in the kingdoms, but the sad truth is that griefers would find ways to use them to block. So markets seem like the likely choice. Or even the edges of gatherings (Kug/Buya/Nagnang gathering).