Board :Dreams
Author :Spiri
Subject :Orbs/Timed items
Date :7/13
I dream that the orbs and items that have an expiration on it would be timed for "Log in time". In otherwords, the Grande's last 8 hours. I dream that those 8 hours would only be ticked when you are actually logged on. This would be the same for invoke orbs, and the likes.

WW orb for warriors is extremely expensive, which as powerful as they are, they should be. In all honesty, they should be nerfed in my opinion, maybe extend the aethers on it a little bit (maybe bump it to 40 secs, so going to get hate from other wars on this comment). The problem is unless you just have tons of time, you may only get about 4 hours of good use to it. Maybe you could cut the time down to say 12 hours but only have it tick off while the character is logged into the servers.

If thats not clear enough

Chung Ryung buys Grande. Is logged on for 4 hours and logs off. The next day he logs in and has the remaining 4 hours of the grande left. Have this work with the other orbs as well.

Any way. Just a thought!