Board :Dreams
Author :Zakarum
Subject :Time gates
Date :7/8
Seriously, I know that everyone that is Sa san right now went through it already and might not like that they should be remove or reduced by a considering amount. It's 2017, games have changed and people are likely more casual than before. Having to wait 225 days for Sage 5 and 200 for Minor quests if you do them every single day without skipping to be able to be useful in hunts past the stats you are because yes people get stats much faster than before the way the game is now designed which is most likely to hunt with people alot stronger than you for poets atleast. Some were lucky and were there during the Leap Potion event but others weren't. This is a huge turnoff for alot of players and usually force people to quit or just buy accounts. YES THERE'S STILL PEOPLE SELLING AND BUYING ACCOUNTS. I have no clue what the idea was behind nerfing the MQ again but it was clearly not your best idea.

TLDR; Nerf time gates for Sage and MQ