Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :Discovery of Gogoon Hyul 29-31
Date :3/16

                       Hyul 29-31

  In the 29th reign of MuHyul, shortly after the marriage
of MiHi and Cheyn of Kinung, rumors within the Tri-kingdom's
markets started to unravel. A mysterious Island was discov-
ered just off of the shores of Koguryo. With quills in hand,
pidgeons flew across the kingdoms as many spectators started
to grow curious as to what this island was.

  Amid the gossip, a figure soon appeared to our lands. His
name? Kirriin, Captain of the Hanseong - a brilliant vessel
that lay resting peacefully on the northern region of Dae
shore. With a full crew among his fleet, he spoke of a land
of wonder; a tropical paradise that he promised existed. We
soon would learn that the land mass was in fact called
 Gogoon Isand.

  T'was an island enshrouded in pure mystery for many Suns
and Moons, but now with Kirriin walking within the kingdom
walls, we became enlightened at what this island harbored.
Through decades of banter and bartering, Gogoon had stayed
afloat economically through pirates, and in return, piracy
would be what would protect the island from invaders and
monsters alike.

  However, there was trouble in paradise, for Gogoon was
not painted as perfectly as we had assumed. Rumored to be
in eternal slumber, an overlord reigned over Gogoon, and
would be the bane of this island for a many reign. While
 Kirriin and his crewmates remained in tact, the majestic
Hanseong was damaged after crashing upon Dae shore. It was
in high hopes that he would be able to find Kapur Branches,
so that the Vessel's own Carpenter, Bartolomeo, otherwise
known as Kirriin's brother, would be able to mend the ship
back to it's former glory.

  After some time and considerate preparation, the Hanseong
was a fully functioning boat once more, and thanks to the
community, Kirriin was now ready to embark once more onto his
journey - this time, allowing the Tri-kingdom's inhabitants
to sail along with him. With wings at full mast and hearts
filled to the brim with excitement, the journey took place
within the 31st reign of MuHyul, and thus, Gogoon was no
 longer a standing myth.

  Every last speculation and rumor that dare whispered their
way to the ears and minds of the citizens were finally ceas-
ed by a lasting moment of awe. Sands so pure, that not even
the brightest of white amber could compare in shine. Massive
palm trees that stretched to the near heavens, bustling with
foreign fruits, and even several dangerous caves and land-
masses where new adventure awaited the bold.

   Make no mistake however, for this wasn't the first time
that Gogoon was officially discovered despite what others
may think. A native tribe has inhabited this wondrous is-
land for a many Moon, known as the Maata, and the leader
of this island is known as Rahiti Gogoon, the founding
family and rightfully the patriarch of this territory.

  Upon the Tri-kingdom's arrival, they were met in praise.
Each villager's heart swollen with happiness at the sight
of such new faces. Now with the Tri-kingdom able to success-
fully access Gogoon Island, the turmoil from the people would
soon dissolve. Economic growth prospered once more, the
frequency between trade was again strengthened threefold.
Culination became bolstered with the discovery of many new
herbs, fruits, and vegetation, along with the usage of many
different crafts required to cultivate the island.

   Should you prove strong enough to stomach the rough
voyage to Gogoon, you will not regret such a decision, for
Kirriin and his crew will be waiting for you just north
of the Dae shore, eager to embark yet again. You will be met
with many quests and dilemmas on this beautiful island, all
which promise generous awards to those who are successful.

                   Make haste, adventurer,
          for Gogoon Island awaits your arrival.

Penned by,