Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :The Clash of Totems
Date :3/24

    Although usually not well guarded, libraries may contain the greatest treasures of a kingdom: stories, poems, researches, journals, tales, lores and legends. The kogurian scholar WinSong understood the importance of the registers contained within the scrolls that LinSkae stole from Kugnae library.

    Due to the attacks of the trickster wererat, WinSong sought help of the Librarian at Buya, back in Yuri 36, in hopes to recover parchments that were too ragged to be legible. After a long period of work, his findings were quite alarming. The word had spread throughout the kingdoms of multiple diviners having visions of the darkness engulfing the kingdoms.

     The scholar knew it was no coincidence and sought up the army to reveal his grave findings: a ritual involving the twelve subpaths had to perform soon or else the darkness would take over the land and all would perish. Also in his readings he saw that one of the subpaths would fall.

    Listening to the requests of Princess Lasahn of Buya and Prince M'hul of Koguryo the subpath elders agreed to perform the mysterious rituals handled by WinSong. Finally the day arrived for the rituals to take place at wilderness.

     WinSong refused to explain the true purpose of the rituals, but explained that he would give a holy stone to each elder so they could invoke an ancient power. The first to perform the ritual with WinSong was Greta, the elder of Monks. Next would be Xenic, elder of Druids, Gildenstar elder of Chonguns, but before Keely, the Do elder could conclude her ritual, a groaning voice echoed through the wilderness: Xenic had been slain!

    The mysterious death shocked the community, many pointed accusations towards WinSong, but while some tried to calm everyone down and put some sense into the situation an unimaginable outbreak commenced. All of a sudden the Totem Animals appeared at the Wilderness and started attacking humans.

     Without understanding why they were being attacked, the surviving citizens began a coordinated strike back. As each totem was at a different part of wilderness, groups divided to contest each of the mighty ones. After hours of battle and hundreds of deaths, Baekho, the white tiger, was the first to fall, followed by Chung Ryong, the blue dragon. While Hyun Moo remained invincible, constantly being healed by his followers, all human forces united the Ju Jak and the red phoenix was defeated too.

    After Ju Jak's demise, a huge tremor knocked people onto the ground. A strong windy storm engulfed people's visions and from the unknown a huge scorpion-looking creature emerged: a "Chaos Beast" as described by WinSong.  Hyun Moo was the only totem who survived the 'Clash of Totems' and it disappeared during the chaos storm.

    The feared beast seemed impossible to destroy as each person it killed; its powers seemed to increase. It took a coordinate attack from few heroes to finally put the Chaos beast down and when it happened a strange finding: the fabled Chaos blade was dropped.

By then WinSong had mysteriously vanished...