Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :Immortal Beasts - The Broken Seals
Date :4/5

    It had been decades since any new Legend was unraveled until a new Spirit Guide called Abu revealed a frightening premonition called the "Black Omen". The revelations of the legend seemed to echo the chaotic augury visions and Chi disruptions that had been going since the beginning of Hyul 31, days prior to the finding of the divine presage.

    Nevertheless, what people could not imagine was that such omen was not pointing to a distant future, it in fact it was indicating to the recent circumstances in which the barriers that sealed hazardous beings were being broken. Henceforth, the community was about to face the most menacing enemies ever encountered: the Immortal Beasts.

    As the omen predicted, one by one the seals entrapping each of the nine beasts faded and the first one to strike was Ice Beast, who has shown its true powers on Dae Shore. Sensing the danger to his kingdom, King M'hul convoked his soldiers and clan militias to aid on the battle to stop beast of its path of destruction. A long lasting melee struck down dozens of people to death as there were those who insisted in aiding the creature in is rampage. After a long and tiring battle, M'hul delivered the final blow that defeated the immortal Ice Beast and returned him to his lava exile.

    While recovering from the devastating battle, people soon realized the threats were about to get even more menacing. The next seals that had been broken released the barrier trapping the Mighty Sute at Buya and melted down narrow doors keeping the immortal bear Dhaulagiri trapped inside the Frozen Tundra. The community divided between helping Prince ChaeRi and his men in their fight against the enraged fiend and her bear pack and assisting Princess Lasahn in defeating the true powers of the Sute.

    After the battles that struck down the Three Kingdoms of Winds, the royals met to discuss the cause of recent attacks and summoned me, historian Qantao, due to my expertise with historical conflicts.  I merely pointed them to the obvious; the Black Omen written by Abu was coming true.  To our surprise the Spirit Guide showed up to the meeting and explained that the omen wasn't "his", but was in fact an omen of the Nexus. The deity left saying he wouldn't be able to give us the answers we seek, but pointed out that we could find connections from the past to help in near future. Therefore, a task force of historians and scholars of the three kingdoms reunited in Kugnae library with a common purpose: find the answers of what was causing the barriers to fade and the Immortal Beasts to attack.

    Within our studies, a very old Legend written by librarian Pond pointed to the existence of Spirit Guides: beings imbued with divine power who seek to aid the weak and help maintain the Tao. Yet, a disturbing end note mentioned that Spirit Guides may appear in times of need because he is actually the source of the threat and must appear in person to see his/her plans through to completion. Some people began wondering if they could really trust Abu.

    The forth and fifth Immortal Beasts attacked together during the days that followed. Both creatures emerged from the deepest of Gogoon Island caves: from Rhino's cave in Gogoon, Lord Badak Api, and from the Ancient temple that harbors imps and Daemon, surged the Grand Master Belial. Upon hearing the alarming threats on all areas, the Monk InSu arrived to join the clash against the Immortal beasts and helped defeat the giant Rhino and the Belial.

     Once the battle ended, InSu joined in searching the source of this threat. There were so many scrolls and books to search through and the time to find answers was dwindling. The answers had to be found before the awakening of the threatening ninth beast which would bring destruction of everything.

                                   -continues in next post-