Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :Immortal Beasts - Days of Chaos
Date :4/5
                             -continued from previous post-

    After days searching through manuscripts, the researchers finally found the answers they've been searching for; and they came from the sky. It was scholar Kiyuu and his wife Shoshun, the spirit of Spring, who brought the answers we sought for weeks.

     According to Shoshun, the spirit of chaos has been unleashed and her sister Rusuto, the fifth Season Sister, has completely gone out of control. This is why Father Time Ichiji and Mother Nature Ichimei hid the existence of Rusuto during the episodes of 'The Seasons Story', as they knew the day of her reign of chaos would eventually come. As Chaos is a natural daughter of Time and Nature, they could do nothing to stop her. <b>So what could?

    As Rusuto, the spirit of Chaos, cannot be killed, InSu suggested that if an enemy cannot be destroyed and cannot be stopped, the only way to contain her destruction power is by imprisoning her. A long lasting debate brought many interesting hypothesis about how to imprison, the most popular of them was to entrap Rusuto within a magical onyx stone, similar to what was done with Sagu. However, Shoshun alerted such wouldn't work, since an onyx may be powerful enough to lock in a magical mortal, but according to her it cannot contain a Deity.

    A familiar face returned with comforting news: WinSong reappeared revealing that there was indeed a way to entrap Chaos Sister, by using the twelve subpath stones as done when LinSkae was finally defeated. Yet, before all subpaths were recruited to assist again, winds echoed words of despair as Mythic Nexus became a mayhem. The Chief Slog and a horde of cave ogres infested the area, but was when a strange figure called Gwangmok appeared that the real bloodshed stroke down. Took many hours to defeat the mysterious immortal, community realized they needed to slay his minions first.

    With the sixth and seventh Immortal Beasts finally beaten, the dangers of the arrival of the amaranthine beast were two steps away. As enemies were getting stronger each time, it was imperative to stop the pandemonium for once and for all. Subpaths finally gathered to perform the ritual with the twelve stones, but Rusuto was not willing to get captured without fighting.

     While the ceremony began being held at Great Tree, just near that area a Chaos Incarnate, a giant woman spider, was summoned by Rusuto. Out of all Immortal beasts, this one was the most perilous as it would counter each attack with a tougher burst. Not just that, Rusuto was constantly healing her creation. After many hours of battle the weakening human forces began to realize it was simply impossible to defeat the beast, but out of surprise help came from above. The Spirit Guide decided to interfere and confronted the Chaos sister. With a single strike, Abu slain the Chaos Incarnate and dispatched Rusuto. Before leaving she warned that everyone would fall when the ninth beast rises. The community intoned songs about the new hero of the lands, Abu.

     After the battle the ritual proposed by WinSong was finally held. Together with him Insu, Kiyuu, Abu and the twelve subpath elders gathered to finally unlock the trapping powers of the stones. Once then the Spirit Guide summoned the Chaos Sister to the center of the ritual and trapped her into the Chaos Stone. Abu took the stone and shouted that a new era had begun as he achieved the powers of a God.

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