Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :Immortal Beasts - Holy Sacrifice
Date :4/5
                              -continued from previous post-  

     Holding the Chaos stone in his hand, the new Spirit "God" Abu convoked all archons for a meeting. There he ordered them, as their new leader, to stop answering to mortal's requests. He said that mortals should not interfere in their plans and those who stood in their way should be killed. So much of a "hero" he was! Abu was in fact tricking everyone into partaking his scheming plan to dominate the power of chaos.

    Archons were obviously not happy with the orders of the new "God". Eager to show the extension to his new powers, Abu exterminated all archons who vocalized their dissatisfaction. Only Dalnum and Maiyu survived the assault. Hearing about the ? of his whole crew, Mug arrived at the meeting sight demanding answers. Upon seeing the devastation Abu caused, Mug threatened to exile him, but was taunted for not having powers to stop the false God.

    As surprising as it could be, Mug's attempts to strike Abu down were in vain. He did not have enough powers to defeat Abu. Seeing the imminent threat, Mug told Dalnum and Maiyu to leave to avoid being killed as well. The Dream Weaver was the defeated by Abu and chaos raise up to the kingdoms. Darkness engulfed everyone and soon the mighty Mug was gone!

    The community was in shock. Many fell on their knees disheartened of what they had just witnessed. Nonetheless, there was still hope. Archon Primogen Dalnum shouted through the lands and called everyone to reach her through the Great Gates which had been opened at Vale. Marching up the Baekdu Mountain, valiant members of community reached the peek, the place where mortals would be able to be the closest to immortal's realm. There, Dalnum asked the people to sacrifice angels' tears and a bit of their karma help infuse power to Mug be able to fight back.

     With Angel tears donations of caring subpaths and clans, hundreds of citizens gathered at the Baekdu peek sacrificing their karma to help. Once fully empowered Mug resurged from oblivion determined to stop Abu. The Vale skies turned dark and the lands turned into a huge battlefield of immortals. Unlike the God War, this was a true battle of Immortals, with Mug and Abu showing their true bodies and clashing destructive divine magic upon one another.

    The Battle of Gods went on for hours without any chance of a victor. While watching many community members were being killed as effects of the tremendous power being rebounded. Tired of seeing mortals suffering, Mug decided to cast his ultimate outbreak. In order to defeat Abu, he sacrificed his immortality into a single exploding attack which vanquished both Gods. The community was once again safe, but both Abu and Mug existed no more.

    Upon the death of Mug, a memorial place was created at center of the wilderness. Those who were present to witness his sacrifice and catch one of his tears will never forget the martyr who saved them from the impending doom. Yet, a question remains was Abu the ninth Immortal Beast or is that threat still something to worry about?