Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :Triiofa (2)
Date :4/26
 The next morning, the sun failed to rise. Qantao suspected a connection between the mysterious cave and the sudden eclipse, and the community gathered to protect the assembled Triiofa from what appeared to be an onslaught. However, just as darkness seemed to overwhelm Koguryo, the Haggard Witch herself rode into town, dispelling the darkness with a simple wave of her hand. "Amateurish magic," she reasoned, "must be Yieta's doing." She dispelled the magic protecting the mysterious cave and the valiant warriors of the Kingdoms charged in, only to find a prison filled with imprisoned Triiofa, and a labryinth filled with a number of peculiar saplings. However, as the Haggard Witch warned Prince M'hul of Yieta's return, she was shocked to learn that he did not remember Yieta at all. Skeptical of the Haggard Witch's true intentions, M'hul requested an audience with Qantao so that she might inform him of this nuisance before he made any decisions as to placing the army on alert.
 Qantao and the Haggard Witch beseeched M'hul to remember, and only with Haggard Witch's magic did his memory return. However, no sooner did M'hul remember of Yieta's threat than the lights in the Courtyard of Koguryo extinguished. When they were re-lit, Yieta stood there, mocking the kingdoms for so easily falling for her distraction.
 For twenty days Yieta would appear at random. causing havoc where she went in her search for the missing Triiofa. Oddly enough, she did not attack King Yuri's ball, as security was too tight for her to attempt such an endeavor. However, Yieta's vanity and arrogance would prove to be her undoing, as Prince Mhul, his memory regained, devised a trap with the help of the Haggard Witch. Yieta easily fell for this magical bait-and-switch and was successfully imprisoned in Mhul's personal stockade.
 It seemed Yieta's plan had been thwarted. However, one night long after her apprehension, Yieta's terrified screams could be heard throughout the kingdoms. Prince Mhul rallied his troops and the community to the Oubliette, expecting that Yieta was attempting some trick at escape. However, those assembled were much more terrified to hear, amidst Yieta's sobs, a second voice, this one calmer, colder, and even more embittered. A familiar voice, indeed, and one all the more terrifying:
 "You have failed me again, Yieta," spat the voice of Mupa.