Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :Mupa's Forest (2)
Date :4/26
 As Mupa terrorized the citizens of the Kingdoms, sometimes refraining from violence to merely boast of her plan, Prince Mhul urged his citizens to go about their daily business as usual, even going so far as to hold the weekly Tribunal. Unable to resist this temptation, Mupa slew the Kogurian guards and attacked Koguryo's tribunal with Yieta in an attempt to kill Prince Mhul and the Primogens of Koguryo. However, the kingdom rushed to defend their prince, and a stalemate seemed at hand, until the enigmatic swordsman Fei, who had visited Koguryo from Han for Yuri's Ball, arrived. Fei surprised Mupa and beat her magic back with powerful sword techniques, drawing the battle to an unlikely close: Mupa and Yieta hastily retreated.
 Meanwhile, the Haggard Witch, who regarded Mupa as a powerful threat, had sought about a way to free the Triiofa and weaken Mupa's magic forest. As adorable and harmless saplings began to sprout and wander the caverns beneath Koguryo, many wondered if the creatures inside were actually benign. However, no doubts were left as to their connection to Mupa when they grew, quite quickly, into monstrous and violent trees. The final stage of their evolution, it was discovered, was a massive influx of power feeding off of the heart of the Tree of Reflections.
 However, the Haggard Witch had figured out how to counteract Mupa's spells. The final growth of the Dark Forest to the surface of Koguryo was not complete, and thus the vile trees were vulnerable. Mupa's Dark Forest, comprised of fearsome tree-beasts like the Okunamu, Sonamu, Nurumnamu, and Ponnamu, was not yet fully developed, and the valiant heroes of the community moved in, axes and swords drawn, to cut the vile growth down and collect the remnants that would be vital to restoring the Tree of Reflections. With help of the potion the Haggard Witch had devised, Mupa's spell over the Triiofa was also broken, freeing the sentries of the real forest. Soon the mighty Beol, strongest of the evil trees, had fallen and shattered.

(to be continued)