Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :Mupa's Forest (3)
Date :4/26
 Not long after the decimation of the evil forest, furious dialogue echoed through the streets of Koguryo. Yieta turned on her mistress, Mupa, boasting of her own potential, and attempted to flee her former teacher.
 For a day it seemed that Yieta might very well have evaded Mupa's wrath. However, just when Yieta thought she had escaped, Mupa cornered her. Incensed by Yieta's treachery and burned by her incompetence, Mupa promised Yieta the merciful gift of eternal life - then turned the wretched painter into a tree near the East Gate of Koguryo, creeping along a ledge on a hill.
 Satisfied by her victory against Yieta, Mupa turned her attention to the stunned spectators and townspeople of Koguryo. A bloodbath seemed inevitable... until the Haggard Witch sailed in, repelling Mupa's spells with a beacon of light. The Haggard Witch easily bested the foul sorceress, as Mupa had poured her energy into the Dark Forest which was no more; the final blow to Yieta had drained what little power Mupa had remaining. Knowing she was, at least at the moment, outmatched and vulnerable, Mupa retreated to bide her time and let her power grow anew.
 With Mupa gone, the Haggard Witch used the potion the community had helped her brew, and planted the Heart of Reflections back into the ground to revive the Tree of Reflections! As a final display of her magic, she then waved her staff once more, and the fallen trees of the Kingdoms of the Winds began to sprout and grow once more, at an amazing speed. She then departed, eager to resume her mushroom-hunting activities.
 The Triiofa also returned to the again-lush forests of the world, to quietly hide in the shadows and ensure the safety and health of the forest. And somewhere, Mupa silently builds her strength anew, so she might again seek revenge on those who have defied her.
 And, in the moonlit night, not far from the slender Tree of Reflections which reaches for its former glory, the bizarre contortions of another, less pleasant tree twist within the crags of a cliff, as that which was once Yieta lives out its days in suspended agony.