Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :Invasion of the Mongols
Date :5/19
In the months that came after the passing of King Yuri, the pain slowly beginning to fade, another rumor that had circulated at Yuri's Royal Ball began to sound as if it had actually been based in truth. It was stated that General Blight, the Beast of Nagnang, had taken a recent interest in large amounts of weaponry and armor for a reason no one could quite decipher. This would not be the first time Blight had such ambitions, but it had been decades since any last skirmishes with the General and perhaps many had forgotten his old ways.

Soon, the General could be seen searching the lands for something, his body adorned with exotic armors and a weapon unlike anything within our Kingdoms. With nary but a word, he continued on his search in secrecy. As the community began to spread gossip about the beautiful sword and finely crafted boots he had worn, no one noticed the shadows that began to creep in the Woodlands to the West of Nagnang.

As hunters, craftsman and farmers alike began to disappear into the swamps of the Woodlands, swarms of people formed to find these hidden terrors and put an end to these mysterious murders. Slowly, groups of scouts that had once been hidden in the shadows began to surface and attack anyone that dared to cross their path. Wearing clothing similar to that which General Blight had adorned, it was assumed quickly that these foreigners were indeed linked with recent events and their hostile actions proved that they were definitely a threat.

People quickly began to slay them, fighting back to reclaim the Woodlands, but it was only after speaking with a cartographer that lived within the Woodlands, Dharani, that the true threat would be discovered. Using clues left by those that Blight had spoken with, when all signs pointed to Dharani it was a dirty old stone that needed cleaning that pointed out the last destination for the citizens.

Near the center of the Woodlands a path was discovered that led to a field that had become an encampment for the Mongols. Thousands of soldiers milled about the field, training and casting all sorts of arcane magic. Dozens of large tents dotted the landscape, smoke rose up from fire pits that held the corpses of animals hunted from the Woodlands. An entire army of Mongols, and the beginning of what looked to be an invasion.

The invaders quickly noticed that their carefully hidden camp had been found out, and began to retaliate against the community fighting for their homes. As the Mongols fell, and their leader slain those that took part in the fight began to claim their belongings as their own and harnessed the power of the Mongols' enchanted wares for themselves. Gutuls, Tengris, Charus and even beautifully forged Kallals that shone like midnight, and had been seen previously with General Blight, began to fall into the hands of the community.

As the numbers dwindled on the side of the Mongols, and the remainder returned to wence they came after weeks of fighting, the Woodlands appeared ravaged from the invasion and the citizens of the lands quickly returned to their own homes thinking the threat gone. General Blight reappeared after the invasion had been settled, pouring a bottle of noxious liquid into the swamps of the Woodlands. With things not going according to plan, he had decided to take measures so that the Woodlands would never deal with intruders again -- and weeks later, the beasts of the Woodlands became far more powerful than they had ever been before.

After having the invasion end so quickly, would the Mongols return to seek revenge and stake their claim on our land? The Mongols haven't appeared since they disappeared into the mountains, but the citizens of these lands must keep them in mind, as they are a threat that will continue to linger for many years.