Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :Hozonsho & Qantao II
Date :7/1
-continuation from previous post-

So sad was Qantao to find a letter from Kiroku with a short explanation on why he took the Onyx, she couldn't believe he was doing it for money and power. In fact he wasn't, but with knowing it she locked herself alone in the Museum.

Johaih quickly found a way to put the whole kingdom against Hozonsho and get them to seek him through all parts, but a wise man he was, he knew that Kiroku would return to some certain place.

Finding trouble to enter the Museum, Kiroku was caught in the first room by Johaih and the community, while trying to explain himself to his beloved Qantao, Johaih took the chance to draw his blade out and stab the chest of the Historian apprentice. With no single bit of mercy, the Ambassador murdered Kiroku in front of many members of community including Historian Qantao.

As the body of Hozonsho has fallen to the ground, the onyx was dropped from his possession. Before he could even speak what Johaih was up to, Kiroku dies.
The Ambassador quickly took the stone and fled from people's view. He has stolen the Onyx from Koguryo.

Shortly after, with the investigation of the Imperial Sovereignty of Buya, it was concluded that Johaih was in fact a fake Ambassador, the where about of the true one was still unknown, while that Mr. Hozonsho was honorable buried near the wall of the cemetery.

The Kingdoms had a new enemy now, Johaih was considered dangerous was armed and was keeping a very powerful stone, the Onyx!