Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :The Seasons Story I
Date :7/1
                                     The Seasons Story

It was just another normal night in Koguryo to the citizens, but inside the limits of Kugnae Palace the Prince has taken the uncommon act of watching the night sky for a while. What he didn't know was that simple watch would reveal a omen to change the knowledge of community forever.

Six wondrous stars crossed over the top of the Palace that night, six stars heading to Dae shore's direction.  Such rare phenomenon took the attention of the Royal Highness, which distracted even saw another faint star trailed behind.

The Prince worried about what it could mean for his own kingdom decided to make this fact public.  Speculations about it were being spread out, soon the mysterious happening was known through the many kingdoms around.  Everyone wanted to know what those six or seven stars could mean.

Such happening even called the attention of a humble tracker of the weather, who had been watching the stars and studying the seasons very closely, his name was Kiyuu.  It didn't take long for him to get the sympathy of the Royals; his knowledge about the stars was being appreciated in both Buya and Koguryo.

A lunar eclipse cast darkness over the kingdoms; those visions of strange constellations were to reveal the macabre.
In a small hill of Dae shore they appeared, the 6 falling stars, the family of Immortals showed in front of community. They were:
Ichiji, the father Time, his wife Ichimei, mother Nature and the 4 daughters : Rittou of Winter, Shuuki of Autumn, Rikka of Summer and the youngest, Shoshun of Spring.

The Immortal family decided to stay a bit visiting the lands, before returning to the Celestial Plains, the place of Immortals and Gods.

Kyiuu who has followed them to Dae shore in search for answers, has been caught by the mysteries of the heart and decided to learn more from Shoshun to find out more about how she keeps our world full of life.  This approach of Kyiuu and Shoshun has grown into a love story, while the other sisters continued visiting the clan halls, subpath gatherings and many interesting places of our lands.

After a few moments of silence, it was the time of another strange woman to spot in the Dae Shore hill. She didn't talk much or gave much attention to people, she just wandered through the lands causing havoc and confusion. She was known as Rusuto the Lady of Chaos.

The Royals wanted to know what was going on and demanded to see Kyiuu right away. He directs to the Imperial Palace of Buya where he met with Princess Lasahn, Prince Mhul, their armies and Knights.

During the discussion about if there was in fact a seventh star or not, if the so called Rusuto was in fact the Lady of Chaos and what relation she had with the Immortal family, the ones gathered in the Buya Army Barracks had the surprise presence of Father Time, Ichiji.
Again Kiyuu insisted in the fact that 7 stars were seen crossing the stars, Prince Mhul wasn't sure about it anymore but Father Time kept evading the questions and assumptions talking of his unchanging truths. The situation was controlled until the people in the crowd, began to yell they have seen a Rusuto and that was causing chaos, Ichiji kept trying to deny it, until Primogen Vini of Oceana confronted the Truths of the Father Time for good, which made him flee in anger.

Kyiuu wasn't satisfied with the answers given by Ichiji, for that he promised he would find Rusuto. He left the palace in a rush, leaving Prince Mhul and Princess Lasahn without the answers they wanted.

-continues in next post-