Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :The Seasons Story II
Date :7/1
-continuation from previous post-

The situation was soon of common knowledge of people and it didn't take much time to reach the ears of the 4 season sisters. The three oldest ones couldn't believe that they had another sister, but Shoshun was getting convinced of it. Rikka and Shuuki even started questioning themselves about the possibility of that rumor being trust, but the eldest, Rittou totally disconsidered it while showed little interest in participating in any type of event with in our lands.

Worried about the family crisis that was happening because of the mortals, Father Time eager to departure to Celestial plains and ordered the others to follow him. A huge Fighting broke out among the sisters, when ShoShun announced she wanted to stay with her Mortal-love, Kiyuu. Rittou because furious with that even went as far as threatening to tell her father the plans the sisters, and even their mother had, of staying.

Father Time said it was time to leave. The Sisters tried to convince him to stay a bit more, but the proposal was refused. ShoShun then asked her father if this had anything to do with Rusuto, their fifth sister. At this point Ichiji had lost his temper, in his anger he shouted to the whole kingdom that he did not have more than four daughters.

After the studies Kiyuu have done, he was convinced that Rusuto was a member of the Immortal family and he showed up again in the hill at Dae shore, where the six were and drilled Ichiji to tell his family the truth. Ichimei, the Mother Nature even stepped in asking her husband to reveal their family the truth about Rusuto.

Being pushed from all the others, Ichiji found no other way to explain it besides telling them the whole truth. Rusuto was indeed his fifth daughter and was the bringer of Chaos. He revealed he was afraid that she could tear the whole family apart if accepted in it.

Rittou left in disgust with her father's lies. Rikka and Shuuki followed her. Ichiji and Ichimei left the mortal's view in shame of what they've been hiding, but Shoshun and Kiyuu stayed and called for Rusuto show up.

Another day passes in the lands of Koguryo, during the night was when Shoshun and Kiyuu met with Rusuto in front of community. They called for Father Time and Mother Nature to come along as well. They showed at start they weren't feeling very comfortable with the presence of Rusuto there. Ichiji explained to his daughter Rusuto his reasons for denying her existence to the others.
Ichiji and Ichimei feared to have a season each year that would bring chaos and havoc, but they knew now that the existence Rusuto could not be denied anymore. It was after much conversation and love demonstration from Shoshun and the other sisters that was decided that not extra season should be added. Rusuto agreed to weave herself between her sisters, being really happy to have a chance to get together with her sisters.

It was the time when the now full Immortal family had to departure from our lands, but their visit here didn't have such a happy ending. The love story of Shoshun and Kiyuu had to come to an end, they both were from two different worlds, could not live together.

In his sadness and crying way Kiyuu said he knew that the love of a mortal for an immortal couldn't go right, he knew that now more than ever Shoshun needed to departure with her four sisters in order to keep the balance of this new era of their family. The Lady of Spring also understood it and together with her dysfunctional family headed off towards the stars.

From now on, every time Spring rolls by we will remember of the love of Kiyuu and Shoshun and hope they will be able to meet again.