Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :Obscure Taints from LinSkrae
Date :7/5

    At the early days of Yuri 38, the scent of putrid meat was all over the wilderness and the trees' leafs were turning black. The Druid elder Nourah sensed that something was not right as all nature around seemed to rapidly decaying. It was Awen, the Spirit of The Earth, who had fallen ill.

    The scholar WinSong finally returned after the attack of the Totem animals and revealed that the "Lady of Nature" illness was due to a curse and that caused her to lose memory. The elders of Barbarian, Druid and Geomancer subpaths gathered to find out a way to restore the balance to the lands.

     A ritual was held at the Great Tree area in which members of each of the three wilderness subpaths sacrificed most of their karma, vitality and mana to heal Awen. On the other hand, with the recovery of Awen, two of the people involved in the rituals had fallen ill and became delirious: WinSong and SunGoddess the Geomancer elder.

     The Geomancer elder ended recovering fast, but WinSong wasn't so lucky. He remained weak, lying in a bed and slowly dying. To assist him, the newly appointed elder of Shamans, Wildhair, was summoned and upon seeing him she figured what was causing his sickness: leeching spirits were onto him and were draining his energy. With the help of the community, the Druids and Shamans managed to create potions and tonics which slowly recovered WinSong's life and weakened the influence of the draining spirits.

    The Shamans sought the source of the spiritual attacks and discovered that something was influencing the boundaries of the spiritual and mortal realm from within the Purgatory. Heroes of all kingdoms put their lives in danger and ventured into the underworld in hopes to find the cause of the pain and there, in the edge of the realms the sly and devious foe was found: LinSkrae.

    Seems that after his ransack of the Kugnae Library, the evil wererat found out about the hidden power of the Twelve Subpaths Stones. Ancient texts revealed that such stones have the potential to lock and trap any entity. LinSkrae wanted entrap Awen and be able to control the power of nature. Seeing that the transforming wizard could not be defeated within the Purgatory, the leaders of subpaths decided then that the ritual WinSong began to perform yuris before had to be concluded.

    Reunited once more, the subpath elders gathered with the still weakened WinSong so they could commit to their rituals. One by one each to received their holy stones and concluded their parts, thus the ritual was completed.

     The final battle to avenge the death of the Totems began. The Purgatory became a battlefield of life and death and LinSkrae seemed more powerful than ever. He was not only able to summon rats, but strange dark minions never seen before. Imbued with the power of the twelve stones, WinSong managed to defeat LinSkrae and trapped him forever. Slowly the dark minions stopped spawning and the violence ceased.

    Relishing their victory, the courageous heroes departed from the underworld confident that balance had been restored. However after LinSkrae's defeat the dark minions began appearing more and more often at the mortal's realm. It seemed the battle of the underworld opened a breech in the boundaries of life and death, known as 'the Imbalance'.