Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :The Yon and Tae: The Origins of Kinung (1)
Date :7/28

         The Yon and Tae families, ancient and proud, had dwelled in the YuRang village for generations.  However, both families suffered enormous hardships at the hands of the evil witch Mupa.  The Tae were cursed never to find peace in death, and the Yon were forced to live their lives in bondage, as her slaves.  Through the dedicated efforts and sacrifices of the citizens of the Kingdoms and the wisdom of the Tae elder Cheyn, the curse was broken and the villagers were able to find sanctuary in the haunted woods.  Alas, the cunning Mupa discovered their hiding place and furiously imprisoned them in a vast, glittering dungeon of ice.  In response, the wise HaggardWitch came forward with plans to build a catapult with which the citizens of the Kingdoms could free the Yon and Tae.  She directed Beard the smith to fashion a great siege weapon out of the materials donated by the concerned citizens.  When at last the mighty catapult was ready, HaggardWitch led a vast army to the gates of the Ice Dungeon and fired the catapult, utterly destroying the great wooden gates.  The greatest heroes of the Kingdoms stormed the dungeon, fighting past Mupa's minions to free the families.  At last they struck down Mupa's jailers, the terrible ice creatures Nyalmot and Dzuteh, and the Yon and Tae were free.

Although the families had escaped from Mupa's icy palace, they no longer had homes to return to.  The YuRang village was all but a ruin and they could no longer hide out within the forest. After much thought and meditation, Cheyn told the kingdoms about Kinung, a fabled land that had long ago been the ancient home of the Tae.  Kinung! A land of beauty and peace, tucked away from the Kingdoms and free from the blight of war and corruption. For many years the Tae family had made their home there, content in the pursuit of their sublime culture.  The architecture was of such grandeur that no kingdom could compare to its design and majesty, the soil was fertile and spring seemed to last the whole year. News of this paradisiacal land had reached the ears of Mupa, who had rejoined with the evil Sagu to raise a vast army.  Seeking to plunder Kinung and re-enslave the Tae, Mupa knew that she had to bend all her formidable cunning for her plan to work.  She knew that the Tae would never agree to use their expertise in crafting to assist her wickedness and so she journeyed to the village under the guise of a trader.  The evil witch advised the Tae of an impending flood, urging them to leave Kinung and follow her to a place of safety. Elder Cheyn, his suspicion aroused, refused.  Angrily, Mupa in secret concentrated her vast magical powers and caused the very waters to rise, threatening Kinung and forcing Cheyn to evacuate his villagers. Once the family had retreated, Mupa brought about a mighty flood upon the town, reducing Kinung to rubble.  With yet another home destroyed, the family despaired and began their unwilling servitude to Mupa.  However, Cheyn vowed he would one day rebuild his beloved Kinung and bring his family back home.