Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :The Yon and Tae: The Origins of Kinung (2)
Date :7/28

     Finally freed from Mupa's chains, Cheyn had a chance to lead his family home to  Kinung and restore it to its former glory. Once again the call went out for heroes from across the kingdoms to aid them and once again the citizens responded with overwhelming generosity.  Soon the people of the communities flocked to the shores, loading wood, metals, gems, and fine cloth upon the boats destined for the remnants of Kinung. The saw blades rasped endlessly and the hammer strikes echoed across the land as the villagers worked tirelessly to rebuild their beloved home.  After much toil and hardship, the final brick was placed and the last plank was laid and thus Kinung was complete once more.  Now the families Yon and Tae have a home again and by way of thanks they welcome the kingdoms to share in its wondrous artistry.  Although the grim spectre of Mupa still looms, now is the time for joyous cheer!

Long live Kinung! Long live the Yon and Tae!