Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :The Wind Gods I
Date :10/9

 Several months had gone by in the Nexus without a single gust of wind.  The climate was becoming rapidly unbearable, and, due to the lack of wind, deadly - the rivers had actually run dry.
 It was the summer of year 45 of Yuri's reign.  The legendary Wind Armor had been discovered by the citizens.  As the wind seemed to have abandoned the citizens, they wondered where it went - and if it were to ever return to the Nexus again.  Unfortunately, they were all decieved by the wind.
 The wind began to roam in the cities in the form of apparition-like spirits.  Attacking anyone and everyone on sight, they were a dangerous hazard to the younger citizens.  However, they were quite weak and could be defeated by a seasoned warrior - but it would take some time to do so  Still, the citizens of Nexus began to wonder just what was going on with the wind...

 The cries of a mighty power shook the Nexus.  Hanuman, as he called himself, wasn't even human.  He was a ruler of the wind - a Wind God. Hanuman was a disgruntled spirit, and he set out to prove just who controlled the winds.  Hanuman opened a temple of wind just north of the village in the Arctic - in order to get there, citizens had to devise a method in which to sail across the wind.  Citizens rushed into the temple, not knowing what would become of themselves.  Hanuman summoned Wind Apparitions to combat the citizens as they moved deeper and deeper within the temple.  As they were made of the wind, these spirits were weak in strength and made easy targets for many citizens - which hunted them mainly for the valuable items that they dropped when destroyed.

 Citizens soon discovered that their only true source of power - magic - was unable to be cast in the temple, as there had been a barrier surrounding the temple to block any magic from entering.  Solving riddles to move deeper within the temple and sacrificing seemingly useless items to the altars at what seemed like a dead end, citizens were able to to advance.  When citizens were permitted to advance into the next area, they had unbeknownst awakened yet another Wind God - first Hwanung, and then Tangun.  Hwanung and Tangun attempted to stop Hanuman from attacking the citizens - but, their attempt failed; Hwanung and Tangun became allies of Hanuman.

 However, all hope was not lost.  As citizens moved even deeper within the temple, the seemingly useless and weak spirits held with them a fragment of the wind.  With the power of these Wind Fragments and the help of a carpenter, an arrow infused with the power of the wind could be created.  Excited, many citizens grabbed their bows that they had not used for quite some time, and began to attack the wind spirits that were roaming the city streets.  Sure enough, luck paid off - the spirits vanished, and left behind was a single stone, infused with the power of the wind.  A great prize, but what would the citizens do with these useless stones?  The noble warrior Audi was the first to discover that these Wind Stones could be placed at the altars of each of the Wind Gods, to seal their power within the temple once again.

 Disgruntled as Hanuman had been before, the rule of the Wind Gods, named Jae-Wha, ordered his minions to attack the heart of the citizens - the kingdoms of Buya and Koguryo.  The wind blew fiercely through the kingdoms, shattering foundations and toppling structures that have been in the kingdoms for what seemed like an eternity.

 The citizens became very worried.  They wondered what would happen to their beloved countries - and if these Wind Gods could be the end of all life in the Nexus.  With the threat of extinction in mind, many citizens taunted Hanuman, Hwanung, Tangun and Jae-Wha, wanting to see just how powerful they were.  The four appeared at different locations within the two kingdoms - and slaughtered anyone who dared to oppose their ultimate strength.