Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :The Wind Gods II
Date :10/9

 Massacre was enough for Prince M'hul and Princess Lasahn to take action against these forces of evident evil.  They rallied the armies together for the next time that Hanuman would appear.
 Jae-Wha was surrounded by the strength of the community and, being the only mortal, was slain by the combined strength of several of the strongest mages, warriors, rogues and poets.
 Hanuman, Hwanung and Tangun were suprised at the seemingly immediate loss of their master.  Filled with rage, they attacked the citizens for all that they could - even if it would drain their immortality.  With their weakening power due to the loss of their master, Hanuman and Hwanung were slain.
 However, there was still one more.  Princess Lasahn of Buya faced Tangun in a final showdown.  The two ran towards each other - and with a final slice of Lasahn's blade, Tangun was slain.

 Unfortunately, the aspect of the cities being destroyed still plagued the citizens.  A council of the kingdoms' master smiths, carpenters and tailors met together to discuss what was to be re-built that was destroyed by the Wind Gods.

 The work of this council lasted for what seemed like an eternity.  The members ignored sleep, hunger and thirst to re-design the cities for the citizens.  Finally, after several days of work in a locked, private room, the members of the council emerged with their grand plans for a new Kugnae and Buya.
 Hundreds of citizens donated their time, effort and supplies to help with the re-building of their kingdoms.  They were all noted for their volunteer work by a legend mark.

 And so, the Wind Gods had been defeated and peace was once again restored to the Nexus.  The evil that once threatened their very existance had finally left.  The rivers flowed once again, and the cities had been rebuilt.  The Wind Gods were never heard from ever again.