Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :An Enemy Like and Yet Unlike No Other - I
Date :10/21
In the Fall of Yuri 72, a great need arose from the Kingdoms, as General Blight, the Beast of Nagnang, after having been healed of his grievous wound, had gone in search of the Four.   After many weeks with no word from him, suddenly Kija, Prince of Nagnang was sent a messenger scroll from Blight.  The enemy, the Wuhu Luanhua, the very same insidious evil Blight had fought back beside the Four, had amassed once again.  These numbers were said to have been greater than that of the population of Nagnang itself.  This advance force was sent to sneak into Nagnang under the cover of darkness, infiltrate her borders and then conquer her.  Made all too readily possible as the enemy was comprised of many sorcerous and evil shape-shifters.  The Four have been moved and their fate was unknown.  Blight called to Kija to not only defend the borders, but to find out whatever he could about this enemy whose only goal seems to be the assimilation and annihilation of all life.

              Prince Kija who had seen first hand those evils infiltrating the Vale while bravely fighting alongside the equally brave Prince M'hul of Koguryo knew he must do something.  Together they and many of the courageously  concerned citizens from all the Kingdoms worked hard numerous times to beat those of the enemy who sought a foot hold in our sacred grounds.  Still, with Blight's missive so direct and the times dire, he turned to the Historian Qantao for any information she could find out about the enemy so that the Kingdoms could have a chance of destroying them and turning them back.  Qantao, ever a lover of research and history, was more than happy to comply.  Thus follows the information she has amassed thus far about the Wuhu Luanhua.

              From the west and northwest of our peaceful Tri-Kingdom lands, there are five tribes (the five Hu:  Xiongnu, Xianbei, Di, Jie/Sogdian, and Qiang) which through their barbarous and treacherous doings have conquered much of this land and made up thirteen smaller states.  These, are the Wuhu Luanhua.  Their name translates roughly to Five Nomadic Tribes Throwing the Land into Disorder.  

              Disorder and chaos which come from the unnatural powers some of them have acquired through pacts with evil spirits.  While many Shamans and others are able to shape-shift into animal forms to commune with their totem spirits, the shape-shifters of the enemy have taken a horrific step into merging with and then becoming creatures of the dark.  

               These great dark ones have powers including shape-shifting into horrific parodies of human or animal forms (often times they are combined to make something even more vile), the ability to speak to humans and animals without moving their mouth or making a sound, the ability to mimic animals in a sick parody of the animal (usually harnessing the anger and aggression and other animal instincts within the sound to convey evil emotions), the magic of moving instantly from place to place without using their wings or legs, and the sorcery to appear uninvited in the dreams of the living (both day and night).  They are masters of illusion.  Those who are weaker, often times appear as something bigger and more frightening than they really are.  Those who are most powerful, sometimes seek to take a shape of godlike proportions in order to gain acceptance and obeisance.  

               Unearthing a particularly interesting scroll inscribed by Naxi Shamanistic Priests who are called Dongbas, has shed a little light on ways to perform a Chu sui, or a casting out of these evil spirits.  The
"Ha zhi p'i" discusses those of the Wuhu Luanhua are those who have chosen to cleave their human halves to those of the evil spirits.   The human houen and inhuman koueis unite into one shadowy, strong entity.  They can separate at will and act in two different places at the same time.  However, united they are even more terrible to behold.