Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :An Enemy Like and Yet Unlike No Other - Scroll II
Date :10/21
           When moving to take over the land to be conquered (like the Tri-Kingdoms perhaps?) they create a portal using something from the lands they wish to conquer to anchor them to the land.  Setting up dismal deathly labyrinths from which to work from, they then move about in their evil shifted forms, and maim and kill the inhabitants.  However, those who are unlucky enough only to be maimed and who are found to have powers, are forced into the unholy pacts which then create more legions of these evil parodies of humanity.  

           The only way to completely eradicate the enemy, is to beat them back into their own portal.  Once there, that which anchors the portal to the land must be removed (often times in little pieces) and a ritual preformed to cleanse that which was used to anchor the portal of its evil taint.  Only then will the portal disappear.


Qantao, Kingdoms' Historian