Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Date :11/5
                                       THE ART OF TRUST

Curiosity raises many heads, and the subject of Yieta, the Kayan Lady, had piqued many people's interest. Citizens and wilderness dwellers wanted to know more about Yieta, the woman who freed Kija from marriage. Questions arose like many whispers on the wind as to how long she had been around watching the numerous conflicts in Nagnang and why she had done nothing sooner.

Prince Kija wished to dispel the rumors and innuendo and thus invited Prince M'hul and Princess Lasahn to a lavish ceremony in the Nagnang Grand Hall. His goal was to make diplomatic overtures toward Koguryo & Buya, while at the same time introducing Yieta, his old friend and Kayan Ambassador.

Citizens came in great numbers on the day of the ceremony, filling the Grand Hall. Many wished to enjoy the company of the Royals as well as the festive dancing and wonderful appetizing dinner that night. Kija's was so charming all of the ladies were captivated including Princess Lasahn. Even Yieta of Kaya was caught under his spell. The Head of Buyan State mentioned the rumors of Yieta being Kija's real bride, but wondered at the lack of engagement rings.

Yieta was embarrassed by the whispers and innuendos. However, Prince Kija being gallant took ahold of the rumors and set everyone straight. He told everyone that Yieta was a good friend from times past. Lasahn was still curious however, as to their history, but Kija ever charming and diplomatic, managed to lead the conversation to another topic.

Although Prince M'hul of Koguryo was a bit left aside, that night was a memorable one for the citizens of all the kingdoms. However, it was still unknown as to what Yieta was really doing in Nagnang.

The next day dawned, and Yieta showed up again in the fields of Nagnang. Expressing her wish most eloquently, she advised she wanted to stay for a while so that she might study their ways and habits. As Minister of Culture in Kaya, she felt she should see how another Kingdom worked. Some citizens became confused by this title. It now seemed the newest question was whether Yieta was a Minister or an Ambassador! Prince Kija, a little dazed but being ever gracious nonetheless, agreed to let her stay and provided lodging for her.

Yieta decided that she needed to stroll around Koguryo and Nagnang, to continue her quest to better get to know more about the different Kingdoms. Musing about how she had never traveled so far from home, she longed for an escort. Prince Kija, however, stayed in his palace and ignored her request. Disquietly at Kija's strange behavior, she nevertheless continued her walk through the gates of Nagnang followed by an excited group of people.

Yieta was very polite with everyone she met and took the time to converse with each person who wanted to speak with her. The citizens all seemed to like her because of her caring and gracious manner.  Stopping by a tree near the south gate, she began to sketch the scenery there until she finished it. To those who were watching, she mentioned being a well renowned artist in her own kingdom. Additionally she also let it be known that she was painting a portrait of Prince Kija, which she would have finished within a few days.

A new day brought Yieta to the throne room, where she appeared asking about Prince Kija's whereabouts. Apparently becoming disquieted with the attention he was receiving from Yieta, and not wanting to come fact to face wither, he had disappeared! Princess Lasahn, then welcomed the Kayan Lady to the Imperial Palace with open arms when she learned of the situation. Now at last she should ask Yieta about her past relationship with Prince Kija.

|end of part 1|