Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Date :11/5

Blushing, the charming lady clarified that Kija and herself were once very close, and had even been engaged at one time. However, Kija had to make a decision after both his parents passed away. His choice was indeed difficult, would he stay and rule the Kingdom of Nagnang or would he move to Kaya to be with Yieta. Kija choice had been to rule Nagnang.

Past memories are indeed painful things, especially when the love has not died. In tears, Yieta announced that perhaps she should just go back to Kaya and forget about Kija and their past. However, Princess Lasahn felt the pain of the brokenhearted Yieta, and kindly invited Yieta to stay in her palace. Touched, the Kayan Lady offered to paint a portrait of the Head of Buyan state for the kindnesses Lasahn had shown her. The Princess readily agreed. The deal sealed, they took a stroll around Buya, and Lasahn showed Yieta places of interest in and bout Buya such as their library. Shortly thereafter, the Princess took off for the night.

Daylight evoked a beautiful morning and all seemed fair and right within the lands. That is until messenger Kabocha announced on Chronicles of the Winds that Prince Kija and Princess Lasahn were missing! The citizens of both kingdoms were shocked for their leaders had disappeared mysteriously without a trace.

Yieta responded to Kabocha's post, stating she had just seen the Princess the night before when painting her portrait, something she didn't get a chance to finish. Instead, the Kayan Ambassador informed everyone that the Princess has left the palace for some sort of nocturnal adventure. Lasahn's companion was cloaked but Yieta believed it to be Kija under the hooded visage. Their destination, she said, was in the direction of Dark Forest of Nagnang.

Prince M'hul of Koguryo, ever efficient and concerned, took over the search for the missing monarchs immediately upon hearing that they were missing. Search parties were sent out and forces organized.  In the interim, he also invited Lady Yieta to stay safely with him in his palace. Concerned for Kija and Lasahn, she readily agreed.

Koguryo's Prince, having heard of her artistic talent, asked her if she'd honor him by painting a portrait of him. Together they both went to the Theatre where she had her paint jars and supplies all laid out as if she had known all along that she would be receiving such a commission.   As he looked at her supplies, Prince M'hul noticed something strange about the paints - they were bubbling! The Prince having never seen anything of their like, asked what type of paints she used. Yieta blithely responded that they were a special mixture called Myihn, which provided beautiful contrasts and lifelike colors.

The ever curious Prince M'hul looked closely at the strange assortment before him including the canvasses. Strange things were apparently afoot here! For while the individual portraits of Princess Lasahn and Prince Kija were yet unfinished, there was a third canvass which was completed with both of the monarchs together! Apprehensive, the Kogurian Prince asked why and how this could be. Yieta in a fit of anxiety fled, taking her paints and portraits with her.  

Royal Orders were issued, and the Kogurian Army's mission was to find out the whereabouts of the Kayan Ambassador. Prince M'hul also called Kiyuu to seek his counsel as he had vast knowledge about the perplexing lady of the south.

Kiyuu explained that once Prince Kija was engaged to a powerful sorceress who resided in Kaya. He had to choose between ruling Nagnang in honor of his deceased parents or whether he would live as a commoner in Kaya with the sorceress. Yieta was the sorceress!

|end of part 2|