Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Date :11/5

No sooner had Yieta's true identity been uncovered, when a strange man showed up offering to help free the lost Royals from their flat canvassed prison. Wiyae was his name, and a colder person could not be found. Still he claimed knowledge of the sorceress and was offering to help free Prince Kija and Princess Lasahn from her trap.

M'hul was confused. How in the middle of a crisis situation such as this, could he even think to trust someone he didn't know? After weighing all the options, he found he really had not choice. Therefore, he brought everyone to his palace and once there accepted the offer of help from the Kayan Tutor. Inside the walls of Kogurian Royal Palace, the Tutor asked the Prince to step back. Obliging, M'hul did so and watched as Wiyae pulled out a paintbrush and a dark canvas. In no time at all, he began to sketch the likeness of Yieta. Suddenly he summoned the sorceress into the palace with his considerable skill and magic. It seems Wiyae was as great a sorcerer as Yieta!

Furious with Wiyae, Yieta immediately spat out a curse upon him. She revealed that although he was her mentor, he had betrayed their own kind. His punishment she prescribed was that she herself would mentor him unto death! Styling herself a sister of the forgotten night, she brought for the formidable powers of her sorcery impelling the doom of her tutor.

Victorious against her own master she turned back Prince M'hul eager to complete her nefarious machinations! However, Wiyae wasn't defeated yet. Against all odds, the elderly mage resurrected himself. In a surprise move, he took the completed portrait of the two Royals from the hands of his pupil and released them both from the portrait trap.

Frightened and shocked by the outcome of the betrayal, Yieta quickly fled from everyone's sight, warning that it was not the last time they would hear from her. When Wiyae had taken the portrait from his once time pupil, he had painted Prince M'hul together with them causing the instantaneous appearance of the Kija and Lasahn. His task completed, the sorcerer also vanished without any further word.

Prince M'hul explained to the other Royals what had happened. Prince Kija was baffled by their rescuer most of all. Quickly he told of the others the story of Wiyae, a murderer and traitor to Kaya, who was arrested for the murder of thousands. Why he had assisted them, was a complete and utter mystery to them all. Still, the three Royals were fine and back together again. Not only that, but they'd come through this bizarre adventure more close than ever before.

The mystery threatened to remain just that, but then King SuroKim of Kaya sent a Royal scroll to the three kingdoms explaining that neither Yieta or Wiyae were official representatives of the Kayan Government.

Why Yieta would attempt to unleash such an evil plot against the Kingdoms' beloved Royals, is still unknown. Yet, the greater mystery is why a murderer of thousands would help save the Royals of Buya and Nagnang and Koguryo from the evil plans of his own protege. It is a mystery we may never solve.

~ Yours in History ~