Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :The Passing of a King
Date :12/25
  In the 82nd year of King Yuri's reign, when the trees that had once covered the lands began to vanish without a trace and the stewards of the forest could be seen seeking aid for their fallen brethren, it was announced that a Royal Ball would be held within the Kugnae Palace. Such an event was sorely needed for the community, it seemed, though much of Yieta's story was left to unfold at that point in time. The citizens raced at the chance to attend, anything to take their minds off of the recent attacks on the cities!

  After the citizens had been clothed in the finest garments the Royal Seamstress had to offer, and the doors to the ball had been opened (although many had to purchase tickets from a rather unsavory palace attendant) everyone was rather shocked that King Yuri could not be found. Leaving the festivities and such to the younger ones, the King had decided it best to retire early for the evening. Much gossip began to circulate from those within the palace, some even speculating that King Yuri's old age was showing, and that an illness had taken hold of him.  As the celebration dwindled down in the early morning hours, the rumors had reached far and wide and the citizens began to worry about their beloved leader.

  On the afternoon of the 14th day of the 12th moon, the Prince walked out of the palace and issued a statement that brought even the most hardened citizens to tears.

   "Beloved citizens of Koguryo and outlying lands.
   It is with great despair that I announce the death of
    my father, King Yuri. Be assured that he passed away    
    peacefully in his sleep during the early morning hours."

   An attendant in the palace began to take donations so that a commemorative statue could be placed upon the palace grounds, and traditional funeral attire had been handed out to all of those who wished to attend the funeral or grieve in their own way. In a few days time, the Wang-ui Chugum Bang opened so that the community might once more take a look at their King. With a loving hand, King Yuri had worked to better every aspect of his land, and through each struggle thrown at his people they had persevered and fought through it all. From a corrupted brother and his twisted lover to large scale wars against neighboring cities and even light-hearted festivities, King Yuri's life had been long and well lived.

   The Prince took up the position left by his departed father, and may King MuHyul reign with as much love and devotion as his father before him. The stories of King Yuri's actions will forever live on, whether it be in historical documents or in the minds of those he loved so much. These lands will forever grow and change just as they always have, and may we always make our beloved King Yuri proud as he watches down on us from his home in the Heavens.