Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :Pirate Raids
Date :3/24

   To the east of Koguryo stretches a great blue sea, countless creatures below its depths. But sometimes it's the dangers above the sea that prove more challenging.
  While the kingdom was rebuilding its losses from Sagu's attack, scouts near the shoreline spotted a ship in the distance bearing the pirate Bluestone's flag. Some citizens were already familiar with the pirates' past marauding. From the island of Ilbon, these greed-driven men and women have looted many towns in their relentless path.

   The troops were called together, the citizens banded in preparation of the raid as the ship approached the shore with the steady wind. Some stayed back to defend the kingdom's treasures while others pushed forward with an offensive strategy, determined to hunt down the captain of these pirates.
  Yet to the surprise of the Kogurians, Bluestone was nowhere to be found. In his place was Blackgut, whose strength was that of a hundred men. Many were lost, but the citizens of Koguryo fought to the death, assisted by Prince M'hul, until the vicious Blackgut was destroyed. Soon after, the remaining pirates retreated from the kingdom and returned to their scouting ship, bringing their loot and their assessment of the kingdom's defenses to Bluestone, unbeknownst to the Kogurians.

   Months later, Bluestone himself did indeed join his pirates as they returned to pillage the kingdom of its riches. They took the route through the Vale, slaying anyone who could not stand up to their strength and stealth. Those who did manage to defeat the pirates which stood in their way were able to give them a taste of their own medicine and raid some of the pirates' own treasure chests.
  Despite the brave battling of countless warriors and magic users, the pirates were not defeated for good just yet. They gathered what goods they stole heartlessly from the kingdom and sailed off to seek better prospects in other lands.