Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :LinSkrae's Deception
Date :3/24

 Many reigns had passed before King Yuri was placed upon the throne of Koguryo. Buildings without care fell into neglect and were long forgotten. Workers at King Yuri's palace discovered the entrance to an old library with countless tomes of knowledge lying in the dust.
 A strange wise man from distant mountains by the name of LinSkrae offered his expertise to the king and wished to examine the volumes. Shortly after, he began to help establish and continue this wonderful place of learning for the kingdom.
 Never judge a book by its cover, though... LinSkrae revealed his true nature not a month later by summoning waves of rats to do his bidding. His features no longer that of a man, it was now known this trickster was a wererat and worked to steal all the precious scrolls and books that belonged to the kingdom's library. Though many of the scrolls were recovered with the hard work of brave citizens, a few were simply too ragged to be remotely legible.