Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :The Nomad Invasion
Date :3/24

   A harsh winter had passed as Koguryo entered its 19th year of Yuri's reign. Nomadic tribes have suffered the season's relentess cruelty moreso than any established kingdom. The lands these tribes camped on had been ravaged by frost and snow, leaving them with no food. Prince M'hul had met with the leaders of both the KaKhan and Sonhi tribes to see how Koguryo might help them in their need.
  The reputation of Khan preceded them. They were known to be proud, short-tempered and skilled with magic and physical assault. Despite the diplomatic negotiations of the prince, the leader of the Khan declared an invasion upon Koguryo, threatening to take the throne if his demands were not met.

   The kingdom gathered countless weapons, meats, and coins for KaKhan and his nomads, yet it was still not enough. Insults were spat at the kingdom and its people, and as promised, the Khan launched forth a scouting party shortly before the full attack.

   Setting up camp in the three valleys close to the Vale, the Khan nomads proved to be a brutal force. Spearmen, swordsmen, shamans, chongun and even Kogurian traitors were part of the vast number of enemies that clashed swords and magic with the defensive strategies of the Kogurian covenants. Taking many unfortunate souls by surprise was a giant serpent, the mighty Autumn Thunder, which slaughtered many in the brutal carnage of the battlefield.

   KaKhan, however difficult an adversary he proved to be, never had the chance to realize his vision of claiming the Koguryo Valley as "KaKhan Valley". Through determined teamwork of the kingdom's greatest fighters and healers, the Khan were defeated. Their greed and their pride were their downfall.