Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :Sonhi Revenge
Date :3/24

 With the Khan nomads defeated, M'hul had wondered what might become of the Sonhi tribe from the north-west. Scouting groups had been sent to search for any clues of the Sonhi's intentions. A messenger had returned with the very news M'hul had feared. KaMing, the leader of the Sonhi and brother to KaKhan, had received word of his brother's demise and was furious. He demanded four million coins as only the start of compensation for the Khan loss.

   More insults and threats were issued and the Sonhi troops moved closer to the outskirts of Koguryo. KaMing realized they could seize opportunity and use the valleys that the Khan had already cleared out when they set up camp before their invasion.
  Koguryo was going to waste no time. Covenants and troops were gathered together to commence planned assaults on the occupied valleys. The Sonhi proved even more powerful than their Khan counterparts. Countless fell to the Sonhi, whose Spirits were virtually indestructable.

   The Phoenix Clan, Heavens Clan and Prince M'hul offered rewards to those who could tell them the secret of the Sonhi Spirit's demise. Man and woman, warrior and poet, the Spirits did not discriminate against anyone when they took a life. Through fatal trial and error, the secret to the destruction of the Sonhi Spirit was discovered. A lost, pained soul might only find its peace through healing.

   The battle raged for days on end, leaving little rest for any Kogurian. Sonhi and Kogurian alike were growing weary of the fight, and with the Spirits' secret revealed, the Sonhi were quickly losing their inpenetrable forces. Once again, Koguryo was victorious, driving the Sonhi back into their lands as the surviving citizens celebrated their win and mourned their losses.