Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :The Pirates' Princess
Date :3/25

 WinSong, a renowned scholar of Koguryo, had announced his engagement to Princess ReShor, of lands to the east. Though little was known of ReShor, WinSong was revered for his hard work in translating some of the journals of the Wizards. The two married in an elaborate ceremony within the Phoenix Clan hall while many citizens looked on and shared their joy.

 As the sun rose over the horizon the morning after the wedding, the ship which many hoped never to see again was spotted, bearing the flag of the infamous Bluestone. Another, smaller ship had also been spotted, rapidly approaching Guol Shore. The dreaded pirates had returned.

 While the couple still slumbered peacefully, Torus, one of Bluestone's men, snuck in and kidnapped the newly-weds. Word quickly spread through the kingdom of Bluestone's demand for ransom. He held ReShor, WinSong and the Journal of the Wizards aboard the bigger ship.

 The citizens were outraged. A blessed wedding had been desacrated by the pirates and they were determined to rescue the victims. Fighters polished their swords and healers dusted off their spell books as they took to battle with the pirates once again.
As some daring citizens boarded the ship, they did not see the captured WinSong, but they did see Princess ReShor, dressed in the bright green colors that marked Bluestone's pirates. She gathered her magical energies and struck at the trespassers, surprising many with her assault. ReShor was a pirate.
Countless days of battle stained the decks with blood. The heartbroken WinSong was rescued and brought back to Koguryo without his beloved bride. Bluestone and his crew sailed back out into the sea, bringing their princess with them.

 Seasons went by, the kingdoms endured more trials but also grew in prosperity. The lands were extended, Buya was gaining population and riches were abundant. The pirates could never resist word of a prosperous kingdom. Only months before the Great Shift, returning to the shores of Guol and the Vale, the pirates sought to replenish their treasures, and slay those who crossed their paths.
Bluestone, Torus, Doggerel and even the traitorous ReShor were all present for this raid. The pirates were at their height. They looted, pillaged, and plundered the citizens who fought to defend their lands. Those who were strong and sly enough to board the ship had opportunity to steal keys from those pirates they defeated and make off with the very treasure that the pirates had looted from Koguryo and other kingdoms in the past.

 Prince M'hul had joined the fight and board the large ship. He, along with many others, struggled to defend themselves against the pirates' vicious attacks while he pleaded with ReShor to remember her love for WinSong. She would not listen at first, striking out against all who approached her, but M'hul pressed on. In her confusion, ReShor ceased her assault. She did indeed remember the feelings she once felt for WinSong. They were not all a deception. She turned to Bluestone and announced she would not fight any longer. Enraged, Bluestone banished her from the ship and her family of pirates and taking his crew with him, disppeared into the bowels of the ship.

 ReShor had asked for sanctuary within the kingdom walls from her former family, but M'hul knew she had tricked the kingdom once before. He asked her to seek out the Sea Nymph for redemption, as the magical nymph would surely be able to see into her soul and know that has only pure intentions. ReShor agreed and set off on her long journey to see the Sea Nymph. The pirates had ceased their marauding and set out to sea as the last of  citizens stepped off the boat. It would be many years before the flag of Bluestone was seen on these shores again.