Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :The Shattering
Date :3/25
The Sphere shatters,
dark one freed.
The twelve awaken
in rooms unkeyed.

 The dead scream
the Oldest call
the Evil whispers
the Mighty falls.

 -Poem from the Legends

  The great Dream Weaver, Orb, told the kingdoms of the power of the subpaths that lay dormant within our realm. Three branches to follow from mage, warrior, poet or rogue. Twelve Circles appeared in various places within Koguryo and Buya, all waiting to have the power of the Elders released.
  During this time of Yuri's 20th year, a mysterious sage visited the kingdoms. Dressed in strange robes, this man, Eldridge, was befriended by some, and looked at cautiously by others. He offered to help unlock the powers of the subpaths, but he needed to know how to do so. Fragments of a poem were found and pieced together, and it was decided that the Onyx that contained Sagu would have to be shattered to release the powers. But the consequences did not look promising.

   Gathering the citizens of both kingdoms together at the Kogurian palace, Yrui and M'hul stood by as the Onyx was shattered. Simultaneously, the Circles were infused with power as Sagu appeared in his full form before the awed onlookers. Wasting no time, the warlock took advantage of the confusion and struck down many with his dark magic. He created a black forest, called up ancient spirits, brought thunder with rain, and fire from below that destroyed persons from miles around.

   Imprisoned in the Onyx since the 17th year of Yuri, he claimed to have learned much during his introspection. Mumbling something about the Darkstaff, he continued summoning his evil minions, slaughtering countless innocents.
  Meanwhile, the powerful force of the Darkstaff was growing, feeding off of Sagu's evils and helping him in turn. The warlock appeared in the Carnage Arena during a tournament and brought down a storm of fire upon the helpless citizens. Slags shook the foundation with their massive crushing steps. With the power of her fury, Bringer flew at Sagu with her Holy sword, but Sagu and the power of Darkstaff crushed her. Sagu vanished as the kingdoms mourned the death of the mighty. Yet there was no time to sink into despair. Sagu launched an attack upon the kingdoms unlike anything that had ever been seen before. There was not a room that was spared from the blood of carnage.

   Having outlived his usefulness, Sagu was betrayed by the Darkstaff. In the depths of the Vale, Darkstaff drained all of Sagu's life essences, making it impossible for him to revive himself from death. With Sagu slain, Eldridge was forced to wonder if the legends had been interpreted correctly. The dark one was dead, but why were all of his minions and lackeys still plaguing the kingdoms?

   Thousands still died desperately defending their homes. To the horror of citizens, Orb appeared soon after and slaughtered many of his own people. Within the Vale, several giant Slags appeared, crushing any who came too close. Thoth, the goddess of Wisdom, was stripped of her immortality and thrown into the pit of the Vale that the monsters encircled. Orb had been corrupted by the Darkstaff. Many tried in vain to save her, but the mortal body of Thoth could only bear so much and she was slain.
  All the while, several poems and legends were being analyzed for some sort of answers. Crystals, Quartzes and "weapons of keys" were needed to form the formidable Spirit Arrow. Five honourable citizens sacrificed their Seven-leaf swords to help with the ceremony. In a ritual with the Elders, Eldridge formed the arrow. After much debate, it was decided: Orb had to be killed.