Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :The Shattering II
Date :3/25

  Thousands of deaths bloodied the grass of the Vale as Orb and the Darkstaff that controlled him slew every living being for miles. Many tried to kill Orb, though he merely used his godly powers to ressurect himself anew. Finally, he was surrounded in Kugnae, struggling with what was left of his own mind against the overpowering Darkstaff. Madog, Elder of the Chonguns, sent the Spirit arrow flying straight into the heart of Orb. He, along with the Darkstaff and the arrow, shattered. The flying shards struck nearby onlookers. The power released seared the ground. The mighty Orb had died.

   The kingdoms safe from harm, mourned deeply for the profound loss that occured with the deaths of Bringer, Thoth and Orb along with countless other brave men and women. The shards of the Spirit arrow were made into weapons for those who had sacrificed their treasures for the sake of the kingdoms and the citizens worked togather to pick up the pieces of their lives. Eldridge, now known as the Spirit Guide, stayed on as an advisor to the realm. The Elders slowly gained power within their Circles as their subpaths began to grow. The ground that was seared by the explosion of Orb's death eminated strange powers, and gave respectful visitors glowing stones that contained the essence of Orb within. The Darkstones still exist today, as a reminder of a once mighty god, who like any of us, had his weaknesses.