Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :Zibong and the Nomads I
Date :5/2

Another winter approached and the Sonhi nomads had abandoned their camp, leaving no trace to their whereabouts. The kingdoms were thankful, however, as the absence would spare them from further war. But a new presence had been discovered in the desolate lands near the Vale... the Zibong.

  Masters of time and space, these spirits controlled strange and powerful magic to wipe out virtually any opponent in the blink of an eye. They were unlike any adversary the kingdoms had ever seen before. Though they carried alluring items for treasure hunters to covet, the carnage the Zibong left in their wake was far from worth it.
 An old Legend was revealed, claiming that the Zibong were far older than many had imagined. It was said they once destroyed an entire civilization thousands of years ago, and that they wandered in search of others to feed off of and annihilate  in the same manner. Some speculated that the Sonhi's disappearance was because of these terrifying sprits.

  Then the Great Shift came. Lands were destroyed, storms raged across the realm, changes in the very fabric of our world occurred which were once thought unfathomable. The economy suffered as many of the prized hunting places were no longer around and new items had no known value. The weather continued to be unpredictable when KaMing, the leader of the Sonhi that once fought the kingdoms ruthlessly, sent a plea for help.

 "Prince Mhul of Koguryo,
 Princess Lasahn of Buya,
We enter now the winter's harshest weeks. My men freeze in the fields under our tattered tent remnants. The Great Shift has indeed brought terrible hardship upon us. I beg of you to have mercy on my people and allow us into your cities. I assure you that my men will peacefully enjoy the company of your citizens.
 KaMing "

  Help had been offered to the Sonhi once before, and was repaid in war. Many of the citizens doubted the sincerity of the letter, but after long debate between the two royals of the kingdoms, it was decided that KaMing and his troops would get the help they needed. A drive for food  donations was instated to help the starving nomads.

  There were many who despised the Sonhi with the hatred of the past war. Even though a treaty had been established, many still attacked the weakened Sonhi unprovoked. KaMing, despite these attacks, still sought peace with the kingdoms. Lasahn granted the nomads access to the Buya and their shamans. Spies reported that the Sonhi were searching for something; a tomb. Some thought it might have been the tomb of Orb, some thought it was to resurrect Sagu, but soon enough, the intention had been revealed. KaMing had come to resurrect his slain brother, KaKhan.

  KaKhan, awakened from the slumber of death, rose up to seek his revenge. He spat out insults at the "townies" and even against his own brother, whom he accused of being weak for negotiating peace with their former enemies. The returned nomad leader, now without his own Khan tribe, went on a rampage of blood, slaughtering Kogurians and Buyans in his path.

  Before KaMing could prepare his men to stop KaKhan, word was received that the Zibong, who had once been thought to have vanished with the disruption of the Great Shift,. had launched a full-blown attack upon the encampment near Mythic Nexus. He ordered his troops to fall back and defend their newly acquired home and their people while KaKhan urged them to attack the "townies" that they despised. Divided, the loyal Sonhi retreated with KaMing, while those who were more hateful defied their orders and followed KaKhan to ransack Buya.