Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :Zibong and the Nomads II
Date :5/2

 After several weeks of fighting, KaKhan withdrew from the encampment and Buya, bringing with him his Sonhi followers. KaMing's troops were greatly reduced, having suffered terrible loss in the battle with the Zibong. With the Great Shift brought new powers and the Zibong grew in strength. The Sonhi worked to recover their losses and with the assistance of the royal courts, supplies were provided to help build shops in the encampment, allowing Sonhi merchants to sell their wares. Yet though the Zibong had ceased their attack upon the Sonhi, many scouts of theirs had roamed around the kingdoms, slaying any in their path. They had been heard observing our ways, making notes of the patterns of our behaviour. It was feared any information they discovered would be used in future attacks.

  The kingdoms, many months later, received another message from KaMing...

 "It has been many moons since my brother KaKhan was reborn and our feud began. The "Great Shift" had done many things my brother did not understand nor could he contain his hate for your people. We have fought long and hard in the valleys and hills outside your kingdoms where we have lost many great men as well as friends in our "Blood Feud". Though only now that there are few left do we realize the error in our rival. We have finally realized that this war among brothers can no longer be possible if the Sonhi are going to exist. KaKhan and I have made our peace and shall return to our camp we have made soon. We must first bury our brothers lost in our rage and perhaps we can continue our relationship that we have begun.
In Sorrow,
 KaMing "

  A short time of peace for the nomads gave them the chance to rebuild their lives, and establish a small community within the encampment. No one had heard word from KaKhan, or KaMing for several seasons until KaMing, his body and mind tormented by a strange illness, startled his people with a cry for help. The citizens of Kugnae and Buya who came to his aid found him preoccupied with fear that a darkness that was coming. During the meeting the Zibong descended upon KaMing's camp once again. But these Zibong were different, more powerful than those of the past. Death filled the encampment as the citizens of Kugnae and Buya fought to defend themselves and KaMing. Later, Zibong were found hidden in dungeons where they ambushed the unwary with their new-found powers.
 The Zibong fed upon countless souls of the dead for many moons. The encampment was filled with the stench of blood as those who were brave enough to take on the creatures approached the land. Though many new treasures were looted from the Zibong who were killed, too many lost their lives. The Zibong eventually fell back, but not out of defeat, the citizens feared. It was thought this wasn't the last of them and upon regrouping and preparing their powers, they would descend upon the Nexus in a full-scale attack that would see no survivors.