Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :The Sea Nymph's Plight
Date :5/2

Long ago, Prince M'hul had sought the magical Sea Nymph in order to help imprison Sagu. Eldridge, the Spirit Guide, sought her to return the Onyx that held the captive soul of the evil warlock. Yet there came a time that the nymph herself would be in need.

  Magnificent in her splendour, the beautiful Sea Nymph struck many with awe when she made her appearance within the kingdom of Koguryo, but quickly it was realized all was not well. She walked upon the water, travelling by the rivers that wound throughout the kingdom, but she seemed weak and talked of feeling cold. In her deteriorating state, the Nymph told the citizens who followed her in their offers of help that the water was suffering. She, and the water, were poisoned.

  Countless citizens rushed to her help, and even brought Prince Mhul down to the riverbank to speak with the Nymph. They helped her back to the palace and gathered toegther the kingdom's healers in hopes of purging the poisons from her body. They managed to help the Nymph a little, but without the refuge of the water she needed to survive, she could not last long. She pleaded to the kingdoms to help purge the waters before it was too late. The trees and fish were already dying, and the people would have no water to drink if the poison spread even further. But it was known this was no ordinary poison.
 The subpaths were called together in a meeting with Mhul and the Sea Nymph. Each had received strange words from an Oracle, and with further study, it was discovered this was a poem of clues. The subpaths and the entire kingdom were enlisted to help gather the ingredients needed for a cleansing ritual. The Shamans, however, were not invited to the meeting, since it was feared their dark ways would be of no help, but of harm.

  The day came when it was time to perform the ritual. The Nymph led the citizens to a secret shore none had ever seen before, Dae Shore. With hundreds gathered, the Nymph began the magical rite to purify the water when the "ancient evil" that the poem referred to and many Diviners had seen visions of, reared its ugly head. The Sea Beast, swathed in weeds and fangs glistening, emerged from the deep as the cackling of the Shaman elder, Jaydephoenix, was heard in the distance.

  The evil Jaydephoenix had fished out a fragment of the Darkstaff, shattered with the death of Orb, and summoned forth the terrible beast. When it had finally been destroyed, the Shaman elder was nowhere to be seen. The Sea Nymph knew now that it was the Darkstaff that had tainted the waters, and though it had been removed, the taint was still present and needed to be purged. The ritual performed once more, it was successful and thanking the courage and valour of the citizens who helped, she dove into the waters of Dae Shore, setting off to perform the same ritual in many of the other lands along route to her home that had also been affected by the unnatural poison.