Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :Bluestone and the Amulet
Date :5/3

 The kingdom of Buya, now governed by Princess Lasahn, daughter of King Senshi, had grown steadily in population over the years. But along with the growing independance came the inevitable tensions between the neighbouring kingdoms. Several anti-Buyan factions, lead by Primogen Genji of the Sun Moon Sect, had instigated many skirmishes between Kogurians and Buyans. The air had thickened further with suspicion and prejudice when Princess Lasahn mysteriously vanished. Accusations flew at Sun Moon, Prince Mhul, and countless others in Koguryo.
 Two months passed by while attempts at diplomacy rapidly failed before Lasahn was found, weary and disheveled, upon the sands of Dae Shore. The tale she told of her daring escape was not from any Kogurian, as was expected, but from the foul Ilbon Pirates that hoped to cause war between the two kingdoms to serve as distraction. In the years since the Great Shift, the kingdoms had grown prosperous, and word of their riches reached these scoundrels, luring them to pillage the towns once again.

  Lasahn warned that the pirates would not leave themselves open to vulnerabiity this time. They had found a small island to hide their treasures away from the citizens that might seek them out. Kogurian and Buyan alike went in search of the Pirates' ship, determined they would not make it to the kingdoms to pillage again. The island was found, despite the trouble the Ilbon pirates had gone through and many new treasures were claimed. Something was different this time, though. This was Bluestone's ship, but where was Bluestone? The pirates retreated without anyone ever catching a glimpse of the infamous pirate captain.

  Yet it wasn't long before the ship's flags were seen again. An old Sea Witch from a nearby island told of visions her inner eye could see. She spoke of the pirate ship sailing to a Hidden Isle to regain strength and hide treasure gained in past battles. Among the treasure was a Magic Amulet, a withered monkey's paw taken from a fakir in the Hindu lands to the west. Bluestone had tried to weild it, but his will was too weak and it enslaved him, releasing terrible creatures. After divulging her vision, the Sea Witch returned to her small island.

  The ship docked at Dae Shore and hundreds of citizens boarded, eager to fight off the persistent pirates once again, and profit from doing so, but these pirates were no longer fierce and fearless. They were terrified. Any who struck them would not be met with a fight, but witness the scrubs running for their lives. Finding items such as lifejackets and compasses, the adventurous set out to see the Sea Witch and seek her advice. For a price, she gave directions to the Hidden Isle, a place of exotic creatures and terrible dangers.

  The evil horde that was unleashed by the Amulet was in the form of vicious monkeys with a lust for blood. Even the strongest fighters of the kingdoms could hardly withstand the cruel teeth and claws of these terrible beasts without the magic of the Sea Witch to help disguise them. But now, not only were they on the island, but the monkeys had somehow invaded the sacred shrines of the totems within the Wilderness, slaughtering the innocent, young and old, who ventured near.

  It was deep within a cave upon the Hidden Island that Bluestone was found. His mind clouded by the hold of the amulet upon him, he did his best to communicate with those who found him. Only by helping the once-feared Bluestone could the kingdoms save themselves. The Sea Witch helped many citizens form crystals that when gathered in number, would drive the horde of monkeys back to the netherworld from which they came. The monkeys vanished from the shrines, the rift from the Wilderness to the source of power within the island's cave was sealed, and Bluestone was returned to his ship. Silently, the Ilbon captain and his crew sailed away, perhaps a little wiser to the dangers the unknown might bring.