Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :Nexus at War
Date :5/3

 Tensions between Buya and Koguryo continued long after the pirate kidnapping of Lasahn and steadily increased to the point that diplomatic talks were needed. Witnesses claimed that during the princess' birthday celebrations at the Buya Palace, Prince Mhul shouted out insults for the kingdom to hear against Lasahn and her people. Mhul was insistent this never happened. At one last attempt to negotiate for peace between the kingdoms, the royals met at Tribunal Hall in the Kugnae Palace with envoys from both armies present. The talk escalated into arguement as Lasahn demanded an apology for the insluts Mhul claimed he never uttered, despite witnesses present who said otherwise and war was declared.

 Advocates of peace failed in their efforts to prevent a conflict. Both sides engaged in preliminary skirmishes within the Wilderness and travel between the two Nexus kingdoms had become perilous.
Meanwhile, a strange fissure had appeared on the ground in the center of the Wilderness. Legends of powerful Flame ambers had were discovered and research by geomancers suggested a connection between these two findings. Despite the ability to ressurect the dead, if enough Flame ambers were gathered, it was thought an entire population could be destroyed in one earth-shattering blast.
 Several days before the war, a strange Monk from another land by the name of InSu was travelling through the kingdoms. He spoke of his travels and talked with the people of the scrolls he'd collected along the way. Some were still in need of translation, but he could find no one to do it. Avoiding the discussion of politics and the war, InSu took the Monk elder, Greta's offer for rest within their Circle.

  The war raged on. Thousands were injured or slain as Buya and Koguryo fought each other over the trivial matter of pride. Flame ambers were created and coveted in hopes of destroying the opposite kingdom. But out of nowhere, an old voice that hadn't been heard in many seasons echoed across the Wilderness. KaMing had returned.

  He laughed maniacally at the citizens of the kingdoms, thanking them for making his job easier by doing the killing for him. Though it was thought KaMing was ill, he claimed he had much time to plot his revenge against the "townies". Several witnesses in the Wilderness saw him weilding a fragment of the Darkstaff, much like that which the Shaman elder carries. He called for his "pets" and unleashed a number of horrifying Zibong Slayers upon the remaining citizens, slaying many with horrifying swiftness.
 The Monk, InSu, had been ready to resume his journeys when he witnessed the return of the Sonhi leader. He claimed he knew the cause of the war and asked the leaders of the two kingdoms to meet together to talk with him. InSu had figured out that although Lasahn had indeed heard terrible insults towards herself and her people, it was a Zibong in the form of Prince Mhul that had tricked her, causing the senseless war. Princess Lasahn and Prince Mhul agreed on a new treaty with understandable caution.
 InSu, satisfied with the current situation between the kingdoms, wished them luck and continued on his journey to seek one who could translate his scrolls. KaMing and the Zibong he once feared had disappeared once again, leaving the Sonhi that reside in the encampment afraid of the strange behaviour of their leader and wondering what was to come. Many citizens were relieved to have peace between the kingdoms once more and rejoiced at their regained freedom.