Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :Sonhi Spies
Date :6/21

   An announcement from Prince Mhul brought many citizens to attention: Sonhi spies were caught in Koguryo. They had been caught snooping around the kingdom and thrown into the Donjon to await further sentencing for their crimes. People were warned to be vigilantly on guard for other such breaches of security.

   Yet somehow, these crafty spies escaped the Donjon, and slipping past the guard with their information intact, they ran through the dark  forests towards the encampment. They were not stealthy enough, however, and citizens who spotted them alerted the Nexus to the threat. It seemed their goal was KaMing's place to deliver the information they'd been hired to collect.
  Countless defenders of the kingdoms chased them down, determined not to let one pass and reach the destination. Among the belongings of these Sonhi spies were letters they must have stolen whilst in the kingdoms. Some letters were clearly written, while others were encoded. One spoke of the citizens being obsessed with Sagu and using it to their advantage. Another, encoded, belonged to the Monk, InSu. Do Hannajo translated the code and provided the kingdoms with the letter:

 A fire burning bright in a warrior's hand,
or a blade of the weapon masters' path
 will carry the weight of a hundred souls
the most valorous heart might craft.

   Only one of the spies reached KaMing on time to deliver his goods though the others had been apprehended or killed, thanks to the bravery of the kingdoms' forces. Still, some of the letters that were recovered remain encoded. Were they truly stolen from our lands, the secret to their translation must also lie within the kingdoms.