Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian Qantao
Subject :Ox and Walsuk's Tiff
Date :6/21

   For many weeks, citizens had noticed unrest in the local taverns of Kugnae. The hostess of one of the taverns, Walsuk, and her assistant, Ox, had been bickering for days on end. "Nobody wants to hear what you have to say, Walsuk!" shouted Ox while perplexed patrons looked on.

   "Ox, where IS your mind these days!" Walsuk would retort. This banter went back and forth across the tavern until the tension could no longer be contained. Ox finally upped himself from his post and marched over to Walsuk, declaring he was fed up. Walsuk, snapping at customers, argued with the frustrated Ox until his temper could be contained no longer.

   "That's it, Walsuk! I quit!"
  Yelling after him, Walsuk ran out the door of the inn, leaving her post behind. "You'll come back!" Word spread quickly and soon half the kingdom was witness to the fight. Not long after, Suni the butcher had been disturbed by the commotion and came to the inn yard to see what the matter was. Beard, the Smith of Kugnae, followed. Suni and Walsuk had both been so angry that Ox left they said he could simply stay gone. Beard, however, being Ox's good friend, had scowled at Walsuk, accusing her of beating Ox with her soup ladle and taking him for granted. Along came the seamster, Cry, who had been glad to see Ox go. In his heart, he had secretly been enamoured with Walsuk and this was the perfect opportunity to comfort her yet perhaps make her see he was better than her estranged partner.
  Yet it wasn't long before Walsuk realized, after discussing the matter with several citizens, that Ox was truly valuable to the community and they needed him back. After all, who else would send people to Buya? And who would help new citizens and young Kogurians find their way in the kingdom? Sure, another person could be hired, but only Ox had the knowledge and years' experience for such a task. It was decided that Ox had to be found and convinced to come back home.

   Soon after, Lotus joined the merchants' search for the missing Ox as they wandered around the kingdom. Several sheets of paper had been dropped from Ox's journal which citizens had found along the way. Some spoke of him being fed up with Walsuk and the way people treated him while others spoke of travelling north in search of better work and new lands. With these clues, the crowds of concerned citizens headed towards the Wilderness.
  After a long and tiresome search, Ox had finally been located in a cave north of the village in the Wilderness. As stubborn as ever, he refused to return home when Walsuk and the others begged him to. Walsuk apologized profusely for mistreating him and countless others in the crowd shouted their apologies as well. Ox shifted uncomfortably. He muttered a few syllables that got lost in the din of the crowd. Walsuk shouted for all to be quiet and hear Ox out, lest he change his mind about returning. "Walsuk.. I... I love you.." he mumbled as he turned bright red.
  Delighted, Walsuk ran to Ox and returned her sentiment of love and the crowd cheered in approval. "So this means you're coming home?" Ox agreed as all marchants and citizens alike, save for poor Cry, celebrated the return of a valuable citizen. They began the long journey back home with the cloud of despair now lifted from the air and the taverns filled with joy once again.