Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian qantao
Subject :The Imbalance.
Date :3/25
           For many Yuri's the people and creatures of the Nexus have  been using one source of power for their magic and secrets. This  source has been continually used for a long time. Unknown to everyone  this source was arising an imbalance in the aethers.

             Such an imbalance began to cause strange things to happen in  the lands. Strange minions began to appear in many places like the  Mythic nexus, and Vale, and even the cities of Buya and Kugnae.  For  that while  the citizens had been combating such parties of minions.  Many times asking "Why are they here?" remaining dumbfounded as to why.

      The minions appearing all about the lands had seemed to be  gaining strength gradually. Many of them had been slaughtering  countless persons in the vale. And even in the Mythic nexus. During which they kept speaking sentences not many could understand....yet.  The Chongun's had  even gathered parties of warriors to combat said monsters and protect the people. Yet they  kept coming like a swarm of enraged insects.

            After some time people became used to the presence of the   strange beings, things seemed to quiet down,yet something was happening. An odd building appeared in the wilderness. This building changed form every 7 or 8 days, many wondered why.
                           It was then soon after a strange being appeared in the Mythic nexus. He was named 'Ohaeng'  it is not known to me if anyone else like him appeared but he talked with many people of the Nexus. Speaking of Balance and many other things.

               "Some of you understand, some of you dont and never will." was one of the things he said. Many asked "Why are your minions attacking us?"  Ohaeng would reply:"They are not my minions, you have called them here. As you have called me here."  Some one asked
how did we call them here? Ohaeng said in reply again: "You will soon understand." Ohaeng would later return several times speaking of the same things with different people.

     Again some time after the building in the wilderness finally opened.
Many of the people curious as to what lies inside ventured into this large building to find large fearsome looking versions of the minions who
had been ravaging the land for so long.  
                 Many people were slain then strangely the monsters became  docile  during all the turmoil. Saying many things that worried some and angered others. In a while people would begin to hear Ohaeng and two other being's known as Ming-Ken and Kwi-Sin speak over sage where all could hear.This battle raged on for days between the humans and these beings....And again they became used to battling with them.

But it still was not over.....
     "Maso your time has come." would be heard , or "Jinsun your time has come"Among sage.  Many began to believe that the all of the Guildmasters were being systematically eliminated. Many rallied in the rooms with the remaining guildmasters hoping to protect them. Yet the mysterious beings entered the rooms walking through the people like ghosts through walls. Casting spells on the guildmasters and the Guildmasters would shout as they are cast upon "Yay! I'm free!" The people continued to gather near remaining guildmasters but eventually the beings got to all of them.....and the guildmasters were gone.