Board :Drifting Winds
Author :Historian qantao
Subject :The Imbalance II
Date :3/25
Or so we thought.......

              Shortly later...people noticed their guildmasters had returned. Thinking all was well they continued with their daily activities and began to hunt in the temple where the minions were concentrated.Some would soon recieve a message in their minds."To speak of their nature or all would be lost."  They would declare themselves to be either Ohaeng,Kwi-Sin, or Ming-Ken.  Each meaning 3 different things.

Kwi-Sin meant the afterlife.

Ming-Ken meant Life.

Ohaeng was the balance between the two.

        They would be required to complete some riddles.  And if they truely understood they would be known to be devoted to just those alignments.Those who completed those trials. Began to tap their magical energy from alternate sources. Because of this the minions began to dwindle. Life began to flourish once again. And the community was not only pleased with the balance returning once again they also marvelled at their newly refined magical abilities. Ohaeng,Ming-Ken,and Kwi-Sin Remained in the lands to uphold this balance for good. They remain to this day in their shrines located about the nexus for those new to the land to discover their own alignment.