Board :Guide
Author :Alilolelotte
Subject :Royal/Civil Court Guide
Date :11/23

   (How to receive pardon for your Unspecified Serious Crimes)

Players convicted of violating a Nexus Law will be arrested according to their crime. Most crimes can be pardoned by a tribunal of Chonguns, but those who are arrested for "Unspecified Serious Crimes" may only obtain their pardon by their kingdom's royal, or for those with no kingdom alliance, by a panel of Archons.

This guide's purpose is to instruct one on how to request a royal or civil pardon and to highlight the prerequisites.


- Jailing must have happened over 8 Hyuls ago ((1 RL year));
- Must have attempted redemption: have Spirit karma or higher;
- Must have a character user page so we can check to see what
  brands you have and what brands you have had removed;
- Any other criminal red marks you may have must first be
  removed. The Chongun sub-path provides this service.


<B>Fill in the Form Below:

N-mail Subject: Royal Court Petition "or" Civil Court Petition
(note: Civil Court available ONLY to those who call Wild home)

1. Character name:
2. Kingdom you live in:
3. Karma level:
4. Hyul or Yuri of the arrest:
5. Judge or Archon who jailed you:
6. Scum board post number:
7. Describe the action/crime you did which led you to jail:
8. Describe why you feel the brand should be removed:


Players who have been jailed for plagiarism, auto-hunting, auto-crafting or any illegal 3rd party program may only petition for a Royal pardon court after a period of 16 Hyuls ((2 real life years)). Minimum fine to receive such pardon is of 10 million gold coins.

Send either your Royal Pardon petition, or your Civil Pardon petition, to the current Archon of Justice. See the "KRU in-game contacts" post.