Board :Guide
Author :Cerulean
Subject :Path Tutors
Date :7/13

Within the Nexus, there are Tutors available to assist you with learning the skills and craft of your path. There is one Tutor for each path in each Kingdom.  The tutors are here to help you understand this game and your skills better.  They are knowledgable in the ways of their path, hunting skills, the use of spells, Player Kill aspects (PK) as well as Roleplay (RP).

Feel free to whisper them any questions, or perhaps mail them if they are busy. You can find a list of the current Tutors at

The Tutors are responsible for the upkeep of the path boards in each of the Guild halls. There is much information posted on these boards, but if you cannot find what you are looking for, try contacting one of the Tutors.

Tutors also host classes to teach both new and old players skills within their path. These classes are held in the room located at the bottom of each Guild hall. Tutors advertise these classes via posts on Community Events board and also through sages.  

You may also apply for Tutelage. Tutelage requires testing your skills to advance to the next level. You will not gain a legend mark nor items from this Tutelage but you will gain practical and helpful skills.  

Please remember however that Tutors are volunteer players and are giving up their own time to assist you. Be courteous and polite if you seek their help.

Take care,
- Tutors Archon -