Board :Guide
Author :Dalnum
Subject :New rules regarding Bans 
Date :3/26
The following regulations apply to all banned players, both past and future, regarding positions of leadership or authority in NexusTK.

<B>Leader positions - regulations:

<b>Section 1.

The following banishments pertain to situations where the player purposely committed a deed with malicious intent towards another player, the NexusTK client, or KRU Interactive (and Nexon).

No player may hold a position of power if banished for the following:

- Bug abuse
- Character sharing (AND jailed for serious other)
- Harassment
- Serious infringement on the Terms of Service which includes but is not limited to, attempting to gain another patron's account information, illegal trade of nexus assets, packet editing, impersonating a KRU employee and/or representative, etc.

<B>If banned for any of the aforementioned, the player is <B>ineligible of the following head-positions:
- Archon
- Elder
- Primogen
- Tutor
- Head host
- Minister
- Judge
- Councilor of Kinung

<b>Section 2.

A player banned for any reason may not become Archon or Judge.

<B>Section 3.

A previously banned character may hold lesser positions such as subpath guide, host, or clan council member.

<B>Section 4
A player banned for character sharing (minor infractions) or third party usage may be permitted to fill a head-position if the following requirements are met:
*N.B.   A player banned for the aforementioned crimes have not demonstrated purposeful malicious intent towards another player, therefore earning the player some merit of forgiveness if the following requirements are met:

The player is approved by the current person in the head-position and also by the majority of the persons in the organization.

The player is apologetic for their past breach on the Player Policy and has shown effort to continually support NexusTK and the organization they wish to attain leadership in. A formal letter needs to be written to the organization's archon to ensure that the past will not be repeated and will accept full responsibly in this new role.

<B>Time & Forgiveness
The date of the crime must have occurred at least two years ago from the time the player is being considered for a head-position. The red, negative jail brand has must be absolved.