Board :Guide
Author :Dalnum
Subject :Justice Administrators
Date :12/19
Judges - Actively administer justice for all levels.
Archons - Do not actively administer justice.  It is not one of their responsibilities.

Please remember that Judges, and Archons are all volunteers.  Please treat them with respect at all times.  Please, to report crimes post on the Justice Board.  Do not n-mail a Judge, Archon, or Dream Weaver to report a justice concern.

Judges are mortal volunteers who administer justice.  Judge characters belong to a player account so judges may hunt, socialize, etc. as any other player would.  Judges are selected by the Head Judge.  Judges can be recognized by an entry in their character Legend.

Head Judge
The Head Judge administrates the judges and is their leader.  Head Judge's responsibilities, in addition to normal judge duties, are to train, discipline, select, dismiss and organize the judges.

Archons are assistant Dream Weavers (game masters).  Archons help attend to the needs and concerns of various groups within the Nexus (clans, subpaths, judges, etc.).  Archons help test and design quests, events, and maps.  Archons do not actively administer justice.  Often, Archons will do their other work while hidden in public places so that they can deal with any justice situations that they happen to witness.

As immortals, Archon characters are owned by KRU Int. and their actions are restricted as described by The Immortal Family Law.  They can be recognized by their orange clothing and "Archon" helmet.  Archons are selected by the current Archon Primogen.  You -cannot- apply to become an Archon. Trying to apply for the position, may hurt your chances of ever being selected. When one is selected they first begin as a Pawn. A Pawn is an Archon in training. Every Archon must go through the training stages.

Dream Weavers
Dream Weavers are KRU Int. employees and are responsible for the operation, administration, improvement, etc. of the game.  Dream Weavers only become involved in justice matters if: a) the punishment is the banishment of a character or the blocking of a registered account or b) the Dream Weaver happens to witness a crime in progress.