Board :Guide
Author :Horus
Subject :Creating an Official Clan
Date :8/6
                   ASPIRING CLAN GUIDE
              (How to Become an Official Clan)

<b>1. Setup your ring:

a) Choose a kingdom where your ring will reside:
Choose between Koguryo, Buya or Nagnang for your clan to
 reside. Neutral rings/tribes cannot become a clan.

b) Choose a unique name:
The name of your ring shall be the same as the one when you
 apply to become a clan. It must be related to the Asian
 mythic world and cannot be similar to an oficial clan.
 Speaking with Primogens of existing clans about the ring's
 name prior to creating it might be a good way to avoid
future worries when applying to become official.

Once your ring grows to 50+ members you may form a tribe. At this next step you'll be required more detailing if you aspire for it to become a clan.

<b>2. Distinguish your tribe:

 a) Create a unique theme:
 Can you explain in one sentence what the purpose your tribe
is about? Can you explain the difference that your tribe
 would have from existing clans? It must be related to the
 Asian mythic world and cannot be similar to an official

b) Have a clan history:
 How did your tribe come into creation? Include your tribe's
 entire background up to its establishment in the kingdom. If
it becomes an official clan, shall also update it up to such
 point. The history of the clan must not conflict with the
 current history of Nexus.

c) Create a webpage:
 Have a webpage available for Nexus players containing every  
information about what the aspiring clan is about and all
the above. This webpage must be maintained updated and
 available if the clan becomes official.

d) Advertise the tribe:
When advertising your tribe you must make clear to that
it's not official clan and is only an aspiring one.
 Pretending that your tribe is already an official clan can
 result in punishments such as: losing right to apply as a
clan, closure of the tribe and on extreme cases, even jail
term for scamming.

 e) Hold Events:
Show that you tribe can be as good or even better than
official clans and holding events may be a good way to
start, as this is what official clans do.

Once your tribe grows to 70+ members you will be eligible to apply to become an official clan. At this next step you'll be required to contact the royal of your kingdom (Mhul, Lasahn or ChaeRi) to apply for an audition with the kingdom's Clan Tribunal. They will arrange a date and time for the potential clan's Primogen to meet with the Tribunal.

<b>3. Meet with the Clan Tribunal

The kingdom's Clan Tribunal is a group that is formed by the Royal of the kingdom and the Primogens of the official clans of such kingdom. One of their duties is to review and decide if the aspiring clans shall or not become official.

a) Meet with the Clan Tribunal and present your ideas.

b) After presenting and discussion, the Royal will decide
if the tribe shall begin the probation period.

c) If the tribe is approved to undergo a 6 probation period,  
you'll be required to maintain at least 70 members and attend
 tribunal regularly to update others with your progress. If
not approved, tribe may return only once after 6 weeks with
new ideas.

 d) The tribunal will discuss at the 3 month period as  
to whether or not the aspiring clan has been meeting
 expectations. If the Royal approves, the tribe will continue
 its probation period.  If not approved, the tribe will be
 dismissed from the Clan Tribunal and is given one last
 opportunity to redeem themselves by restarting the
 application process.

e) The Clan Tribunal will conduct a vote at the end of  
the 6 month probation period to recommend or not recommend
your clan's official status to the Royal. If accepted,
 Tribunal will set tribute for clan hall and garden area.
If not approved by the Royal, you may be given another
3 months of probation in case it wasn't granted before.
Once tribute is acquired, you will meet with the Clan
Archon on final details.