Board :Guide
Author :Maiyu
Subject :Creating a Ring/Tribe
Date :11/5

                   RINGS & TRIBES GUIDE          
           (How to create a ring and then a tribe)

You may set up your own ring at any time, so long as you are not part of another ring, tribe or clan, and have not been in trouble with the law.

When forging the ring the name cannot be offensive, or be intended to imitate or offend anybody else. Your ring's name should be unique. If it is too similar to an existing ring, tribe or clan it may be disbanded and you will not get a refund. If you forge a ring with a name that is not appropriate the ring will be disbanded, and you will not get a refund.

((If you are unsure whether your ring's name is appropriate, send us a ticket at

<b>1. Forming a Ring:

A ring is a small group of people, with a minimum of 10
 member which is equivalent to a lesser form of tribe. If at
any time our ring is less than 10 total members (this limit
is not about registered members) the ring will be
 automatically closed.

 To set up your ring you and at least 9 others people
 together shall visit Rotah at wilderness at the same time
and the founder shall pay 500,000 gold to form the ring.

All the members must be citizens of the kingdom chosen to be
the home kingdom of such ring. If by any change, through a
bug abuse or similar, people from multiple kingdom get added
to a ring or tribe, it shall be disbanded with no refund.
Decide the ring name and home kingdom wisely as they cannot be
changed once the ring is formed (unless you create a new one).
Keep in mind that Neutral/Wilderness rings won't ever be able
to apply to become clans.

A ring will have the founder as the Primogen, one level of  
council, and basic clan abilities such as clan chat and clan
 titles editable by council members. The Primogen of the ring
 must be level 50 or above.

<b>2. Upgrading to a Tribe:

Once a ring grows to 50 members you will be eligible to
form a tribe. This has more power, and more options than
the smaller rings. The Primogen will need another 5,000,000
 gold to upgrade. But make sure you are going to stay over
50 members. Should you drop down below 50 members you will  
automatically return to a ring standing and must pay to
upgrade again.

A tribe will be able to gain a bank to use, as well as a
second level of council which allows Primogen to decide who
 within shall have bank withdrawal powers.

<b>3. Applying to become official clan:

Finally, once you get over 100 members you will be able
to petition to the clan tribunal of the nation you are in, unless it is a wilderness tribe, to be an official clan.

The applying Primogen cannot have another leadership
position (Elder, Head, Minister) and must not have any
criminal brandings.

See the Guide to -- Creating a Clan -- to find out more
about how to do so.